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Pros One highlight of the SpaceSaver SE9i elliptical is its new console, which features a high-def 7" touchscreen for stats tracking, accessing iFit and 30 built-in workouts, and surfing the web. Other advantages are an automated incline and a wireless heart rate monitoring system (chest strap included). And of course, as the name tells you this cross-trainer is a SpaceSaver. It can be folded vertically so that very little floor space is needed for storage.
Cons A potential drawback is the SE9i's resistance. Although this model is NordicTrack's top SpaceSaver elliptical it only has an 18-pound effective flywheel, so its rides aren’t as smooth or as potentially challenging as what you can get from other NordicTracks in its price class. Another possible drawback is the 18" stride, since taller adults tend to prefer the 20" standard elliptical footpath.
Summary The SE9i elliptical does not disappoint when it comes to the console; here you can track your stats, virtually train outdoors with real landscape views, surf the web, play your MP3s and more. In terms of force though this is an entry-level fitness machine. Some people could grow to outperform it pretty quickly.

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NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical Detailed Overview

The SpaceSaver SE9i is the top elliptical trainer in the NordicTrack SpaceSaver Series for 2017. It shares many performance specs with the SE7i, but it has advanced electronics and carries a much longer warranty. The new SE9i is especially distinguished by its 7″ touchscreen, which is high definition and ready for browsing the web as exercise stats are collected in the background. Also bringing on-board entertainment potential are a tablet computer shelf and a set of 3″ iPod-compatible console speakers. Other key specs are wireless heart rate monitoring, an 18″ stride, an 18-pound effective flywheel, and a power incline up to 10 degrees.

SpaceSaver Series ellipticals have a rear drive design, and rear drive ellipticals are generally well-liked for supporting natural-feeling strides and making it easy to keep your balance during exercise. The size of a rear drive elliptical can be a drawback, but obviously the SpaceSaver SE9i is a space-conscious model. You can fold it vertically for everyday storage after workouts, and to facilitate transport it has wheels.

Our Favorite Features

  • Foldable frame to help you maximize your living space
  • 24 resistance levels for a targeted challenge
  • 7-inch HD touchscreen display for workouts and the web
  • 30 workout apps for efficient training
  • iFit enabled for unlimited workout program downloads and personalized fitness advice
  • Power adjustable incline up to 10 degrees for an automatic metabolic boost and targeted muscle toning
  • Adjustable pedals for good ergonomics
  • Rear drive machine design is typically easier on the back and easier to use compared with front drive ellipticals

NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:5-stars
Compact / Folding:Yes
Incline:0-10 degress
Stride Length:18 inches
Flywheel:18 LBS
Programs:30 Workout Apps
Weight Capacity:325 LBS
Dimensions:80" L x 32" W x 77" H

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Long footprint when unfolded
  • Light drive limits the smoothness and force of the ride
  • For taller trainees, the stride length of 18″ is shorter than ideal; a 20″ stride could feel more comfortable and burn more calories

The Bottom Line

The SE9i is a quality buy for certain shoppers, but it isn’t one of those ellipticals that meets everybody’s needs. Very engaging electronics and foldable frame technology contribute to the price of this trainer. Its ideal user is shorter than the average US adult and looking for a relatively light to medium exercise challenge, not the pro-quality force of a club trainer. The SE9i could be just what you’re looking for, but you might prefer another NordicTrack elliptical that gets more resources devoted to a heavy drive.

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