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Sole Fitness is a leading brand of residential and light commercial cardio trainers with international distribution. The company earned an enviable reputation for using high quality components on all its fitness machines, yet still offering relatively low prices. With online discounts applied, this Sole ellipticals are priced from just $899 to $1,999 (with shipping and generous warranties included). Sole Fitness serves North American customers from its regional offices in Utah and we are consistently impressed with their customer service reviews.

Shoppers loyal to Sole appreciate high quality performance over abundant programming. For example, even the cheapest Sole elliptical has an impressive three-year parts warranty and provides a respectable amount of resistance. Even the most expensive Sole elliptical is limited to 10 program modes. However it is worth noting that Sole ellipticals are now more tech-friendly than ever. A key upgrade on all models is Bluetooth connectivity that lets a tablet computer serve as the workout monitor even while other apps are running. Bluetooth also lets trainees send elliptical workout data to apps such as MyFitnessPal. All Sole ellipticals now come with improved tablet holders and built-in speakers.

Sole Elliptical Trainers and Hybrid Stepper

The Sole elliptical trainer collection, the E Series, features six machines ranging from the E25 (meant for at-home training) to the elite E98 (available with commercial and residential warranties). Additionally, Sole sells an affordable elliptical-stepper called the SC200. This hybrid fitness machine is especially compact and often sale priced at a mere $899 including delivery.

E Series ellipticals all have moving arm bars to provide total body exercise. These arm bars are moulded to support multiple grip positions, which helps trainees focus on different muscle groups in their upper body. For diverse lower body training each Sole elliptical has a power incline too. There are 30 settings in half-percent increments. All of the machines have a front drive design with magnetic resistance to ensure quiet operation. Smart pedal ergonomics come across the line as well. Sole Fitness is known for the two-degree inward slope on its pedals, which helps to prevent tension and keeps the user’s body well-aligned.

How do Sole ellipticals differ? Well, flywheel weights vary from 19 pounds on the E25 to 34 pounds on the E95. Stride length varies too. Some Sole ellipticals have fixed strides of 20″, others can power-adjust from 20 to 22 inches (the E95s moves from 18″ to 24″). Screen sizes and types vary between models as well.

The SC200 Stepper, meanwhile, is in a class by itself. It’s built for especially intense cardio training and is priced at $899.

Brand Highlights

  • Frame: Sole ellipticals all have commercial-grade steel frames.
  • Ergonomics: Sole cross trainers feature a two-degree inward slope on pedals for ease on joints.
  • Targeted Toning: All Sole ellipticals have a wide range of incline settings to support targeted muscle toning.
  • Adjustable Stride: Some Sole ellipticals have power-adjustable strides up to 22″.
  • Entertainment Access: All Sole ellipticals have improved tablet holders and compatibility with smartphones.
  • Wireless Tracking: The newest Sole ellipticals have Bluetooth connections for managing fitness data.
  • Warranty: All Sole elliptical trainers carry competitive warranties for their online sale prices.

Brand Lowlights

  • Limited Programs: Sole ellipticals can’t download new workout programs. However, two users can set up profiles and save custom-made workouts to the console.
  • Not For Petites: Most Sole ellipticals this year are ideal for adults of average and taller heights, but their 20 to 22 inch strides are too long to feel natural for petite users (with the exception of the Sole E95s with 18″ to 24″ stride).

Bottom Line

Sole Fitness earns top elliptical reviews every year without exception. The latest collection of Sole ellipticals offers different combinations of max resistance and stride length to suit just about anyone. It also features Sole’s most advanced electronics yet. When the manufacturer’s sale prices are in effect, all Sole ellipticals are the best buys at their price points. Keep track of the sales and you might be surprised by how little you’ll pay for the Sole elliptical of your choice!


All Sole Ellipticals

ImageModelRatingEstimated Price
Sole E95 Elliptical5-StarsSee Best Price
Sole E98 Elliptical5-StarsSee Best Price
Sole E25 Elliptical4-StarsSee Best Price
Sole E35 Elliptical4-StarsSee Best Price
Sole E55 Elliptical4-StarsSee Best Price
Sole E95S Elliptical4-StarsSee Best Price


  • Dawn McGregor April 23, 2019 at 4:46 am from Janesville
    Assembly of the E95 is a nightmare! Some part cover holes are not drilled, some pieces aren't labeled as to where to be installed AND...some covers for the front arms holes do not match up no matter which way you turn the pieces. 3 hours to assemble and neither front arm covers are installed. Might be a nice top of the line machine, if you can assemble it.
    • Elliptical Reviews Pros April 24, 2019 at 1:16 pm
      Hi Dawn, we are sorry to hear that you had trouble assembling the machine. Were you able to finally get it together? If you are still experiencing trouble with this we suggest reaching out to customer service who may be able to walk you through the assembly.
  • Ronald D. Rutter March 3, 2019 at 9:01 pm from Garden Ridge
    Does the E35 model have adjustible stride?
    • ER Editor March 5, 2019 at 8:45 pm
      Hi Ronald, No, the e35 has a set 20-inch stride length

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