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Vision Fitness is a part of Johnson Health Tech, a longtime player in the fitness world. Vision began in 1993 and has since then branched out to include many different exercise machines in their repertoire. They patented the first folding elliptical trainer in 1998, pioneering a whole range compact machines that were a hit with media and customers. Thanks to Vision’s…er…”vision” bulky ellipticals became foldable and storable, making them more accessible for home use.

Vision Fitness has won plenty of awards, including the Best Buy elliptical by Consumer’s Digest for its X6200 model. The company then went on to roll out suspension ellipticals in 2008, producing another huge hit.To date, they have won over 50 awards from various outlets.

When searching for the perfect elliptical trainer, here are a few from the Vision line worth considering.

Traditional Ellipticals: Vision’s traditional machines provide a low-impact workout with cutting edge features. You will enjoy the smooth, natural motion of the traditional elliptical. These are also the most affordable models available from Vision. One of the things that makes the traditional ellipticals so endearing is that include a choice of a variety of consoles. For example, the Vision X20 elliptical comes with either a Classic, Elegant or Touch console (these range from excellent basic features to a 10″ HD touch screen with all the bells and whistles you could ask for).

Suspension Ellipticals: Vision was the first to roll out suspension ellipticals and they are still considered to be among the best. They offer a smooth and stable ride thanks to the innovative suspension design. These machines come with a variable strides and inclines, along with an extra heavy flywheel to ensure smoothness. Try the Vision S7200 elliptical machine, one of their latest suspension elliptical trainers that receives rave reviews from users.

Commercial Ellipticals:

Commercial elliptical trainers are ideal for those families who have multiple users on a daily basis. These are the sturdiest machines around and feature commercial warranties that tend to be much more generous than a typical residential one. The self-powered generator on the commercial units will save you on energy costs and really get your heart pumping too.

Brand Highlights

  • Frame: Durable, reliable machine designs that critics love.
  • Stride:Adjustable stride length on all suspension ellipticals.
  • Incline:Incline can be adjusted on many models.
  • Console: Great variety on elliptical console options, providing users with the features they want without having to pay for those they don’t.
  • Warranty: Vision’s warranty is pretty generous, one of the best out there.
  • Flywheel: Flywheels weighing in at about 23 pounds keeps things smooth and stable

Brand Lowlights

  • Price:These aren’t cheap machines. The Suspension and Commercial models are a major investment for sure, but also a worthy one.
  • Complexity:Sometimes you don’t necessarily need every element of the machine to be fancy and advanced, but may be forced to buy into it in order to get the one basic feature you do need.
  • Customization: The traditional line does not feature an adjustable stride length, which can make it difficult on multiple users of various sizes and statures.

Bottom Line

Vision Fitness is a reputable American company that has been around for decades. Through their innovative designs and sturdy construction, they have gathered quite the following that purchases their machines time and again. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to purchase many of these machines as each of Vision’s ellipticals are created out of top quality materials that will last for years, even with multiple daily users. The warranties are also fantastic, offering much more generous options than many other brands. If you’re looking for an elliptical machine that won’t let you down, then the Vision Fitness line of elliptical trainers might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

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