Best Ellipticals Under $2,000

Luxury features and light commercial performance are hallmarks of the best ellipticals under $2,000. Suitable for almost any trainee, these fitness machines accommodate all ability levels and have high-end electronics for workout guidance and entertainment. Below we show three top recommendations in this price class. We also list other ellipticals under $2,000 and explain what to expect in the $1500 to $1999 price range.

Three Best Ellipticals Under $2,000

Quite a lineup! The following elliptical cross trainers are stars in a top class. Adjustable, durable and feature-rich, these high quality machines are ideal for multiple users or a dedicated trainee. They can deliver long-term value to any home workout room.

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Reading reviews of the choices above, you'll get an idea of what’s available from three leading fitness machine brands: Sole Fitness, NordicTrack and Bowflex. For more choices you can start with our brand reviews or see all ellipticals under $2,000.

Buying Guide to Elliptical Trainers Under $2,000

Smooth moves make a difference. Every elliptical trainer is intended to be low impact, but a higher priced machine tends to put even less impact on your joints and ligaments as it revs up your heart rate. In fact, some of the best ellipticals priced from $1500 to $1999 allow a zero impact workout. The absence of shock  promotes your physical comfort and helps you avoid injury from repetitive motion. Another benefit of choosing an ultra low-impact elliptical machine is the ability to burn calories especially quickly. Because the workout is so smooth, you have a surprisingly low level of perceived effort as the calories melt away.

Best buys in this price range are also appealing for their durability and high quality electronics. Get details below from our buying guide to elliptical machines under $2K.


Light commercial performance can be expected of the best home ellipticals under $2,000. This means that while your machine has a warranty just for home use, it could also meet the heavier demands of workout settings such as hotel fitness rooms and apartment complex fitness centers. What helps makes elliptical machine performance “light commercial?” The drive is heavy to provide smooth motion even for heftier athletes. The elliptical stride length feels natural for the majority of trainees; it’s not too short or too long. Also, the resistance suits everything from light rehab to intense training. Here are some details.

Resistance: Great home ellipticals under $2,000 have resistance systems comparable to those of health club trainers. One benefit of a high quality resistance system is that exercise feels smooth for trainees of any weight. Machines with lower quality and lightweight drives might have a choppy feel, and especially for people who weigh above average. The other benefit of a high quality resistance system is that anyone can get an appropriate challenge. The lowest resistance level could be useful for rehabilitative exercise. The top resistance level could challenge an athlete in peak condition.

Stride: The shape of an elliptical stride path (the oval pedaling motion) can vary with the general machine design: rear drive, front drive or center drive. The highest quality elliptical trainers typically use a rear drive design. The rear drive design is more expensive to produce, but compared with the cheaper front drive design it can more easily be engineered to support comfortable striding and help you feel better balanced during workouts. Upper body and lower body motions may feel better coordinated too. But you can often get a fine stride with a front drive or center drive trainer too; just be sure to read an honest elliptical review or try the machine yourself before buying.

As for stride length, the best ellipticals under $2,000 tend to have fixed footpaths of about 20 inches. Some have adjustable stride length of about 18 to 22 inches.

Several top-ranking elliptical alternatives have such dramatic stride ranges that they can serve as stair-steppers, elliptical trainers and low-impact treadmills within a single workout session. This sort of multipurpose exercise equipment is sometimes called a hybrid fitness machine.

Incline: An elliptical trainer with power incline can tilt your pedaling footpath by up to 20 degrees. A big benefit is wonderfully targeted muscle sculpting. Depending on the incline settings you choose, your workout will especially target muscles in your lower legs, hamstrings and quads, or glutes.

Several elliptical trainer brands can use the power incline to help simulate outdoor exercise. These are built around video footage of real scenery, and the video plays at your workout pace. The most popular example is Google Maps Street View integration, which you can get on ProForm and NordicTrack fitness equipment. A good high-end choice is Horizon Fitness, which has "Passport" videos to simulate hiking in scenic destinations.


The best elliptical cross trainer under $2,000 can serve a household trouble-free for many years. Ellipticals in this class feature heavy drives, steel frames, sealed bearings and other features for durability. Here are some guidelines.

Rear Drive Design: All else being equal, the most durable elliptical machines have their flywheels housed in the rear, not at the front. Rear-drive elliptical trainers generally cost the most to produce because of patent protections but they're also the least likely to break down. Exceptions exist though, with Sole being a popular front-drive brand that’s affordable and reliable… so take time to read elliptical reviews when looking for a bargain.

Maximum User Weight: The best ellipticals in this price class have user weight capacities of at least 300 pounds. Some have 400-pound weight capacities just like popular health club versions. These fitness machines also have heavier than average drives to support smooth motion for a wide range of users.

Warranty: An elliptical machine's warranty package is an excellent indicator of durability. The best elliptical trainers priced from $1500 to $1999 tend to have at least five-year parts warranties and two-year labor warranties. Electronics are generally under warranty too, whereas with cheaper ellipticals you’d be responsible for electronics replacement costs.

Best Elliptical Under $2,000 in 2019

Best Ellipticals Under $2,000

Model Rating Flywheel Resistance Price Lowest Price
Bowflex Max Trainer M6 5-stars magnetic and fan based resistance 16 Levels Under $2,000 See best price »
Sole E95 5-stars 27 LBS ECB Under $2,000 See best price »
NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 5-stars 32 LBS 26 Levels Under $2,000 See best price »


The best ellipticals $2,000 and under have premium features to enhance the workout experience. Here are some favorites.

Heart Rate Control: Heart rate control helps make a cardio workout safer and more efficient. Using wireless pulse tracking, an elliptical machine with heart rate control can automatically adjust the challenge to help you exercise within a target heart rate zone, such as 55% or 75% of your theoretical maximum heart rate. To keep the challenge ideal, the elliptical machine can adjust the speed and/or resistance level.

Top Quality Workout Screens: For many home fitness brands, ellipticals priced $1,500 to $1,999 are their top-of-the-line models. These machines show off the brand’s best console features such as wide touchscreens with full color and Android web browsers. Tablet computer docks are built into modern cross trainers too, so with the best ellipticals you can watch a movie or check email while getting a clear view of workout progress.

Workout Programs: Home ellipticals priced at $1,500 and up tend to have especially generous workout programming. Many of these machines support multiple user profiles, which can improve the accuracy of workout feedback. Often with a profile you can save custom-designed workout programs too.

Popular new cross trainer models have Bluetooth connections for automatic data tracking. You can sync your trainer with popular fitness apps, and in some cases you can use Bluetooth or on-board Internet to download unlimited customized workouts.

Console Extras: High-end home ellipticals tend to have all the features associated with elite health club fitness machines. They have adjustable cooling fans, at least one water bottle holder, and compatibility with MP3 players and smartphones. Most brand also have brackets for tablet computers. At this price point it's common for an elliptical machine to charge mobile devices as well.

List of Elliptical Trainers Under $2,000

Our top choices for ellipticals under $2,000 are shown above, but maybe another option is your best match. The following list shows a wide range of elliptical trainers priced from $1,500 to $1,999.