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Landice has built high-end fitness machines in the USA since 1967. Today the company features low-impact elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and treadmills with exceptional durability. Smooth ergonomics are a brand hallmark. An optional 19” Landice TV can add luxury.

Previously Landice ellipticals were called ElliptiMills because, like treadmills, they make it easy to stride naturally. For 2018 they’re known simply as E7, E9 or E9 Rehab Ellipticals. The name depends on whether the machine is meant for a home, commercial fitness center or medical facility. For home use Landice elliptical parts and electronics have lifetime warranties. For industrial use they have five-year warranties.

A center drive helps explain the exceptional mechanical performance, and high quality wiring supports the reliable electronics.

Bluetooth is now a brand benefit too. New Landice ellipticals have Bluetooth for integrating RunSocial, an app with virtual outdoor training environments. Bluetooth can also connect a Landice to RunKeeper for automated workout logging.

Brand Highlights

  • Center Drive Ergonomics: Center drive ellipticals are popular for supporting especially natural-feeling walking and running. The Landice lets you stride comfortably as if treadmill training, but allowing less pressure on the hips, knees and ankles.
  • Sturdy Frame: Landice elliptical frames are forged from commercial-grade steel and have sealed bearings. The user weight capacity is 500 pounds. For comparison 300 pounds is the typical limit on ellipticals for home use.
  • Smooth Resistance: Landice ellipticals give a choice of 20 resistance settings. You can adjust resistance with console controls or handlebar buttons, or let a workout program automate the challenge.
  • Upper-Body Exercise: The Landice cross-trainer can be used for total-body exercise. Optionally you can stand on stationary footpads for upper-body training only.
  • Cardio Monitoring & Heart Rate Control: Landice ellipticals can measure heart rate wirelessly and with contact grips. Heart rate data can control the machine’s resistance to help you exercise within a given heart rate zone.
  • Workout Programs: Exercise guidance is included with ten workout programs. These computerized programs can automate the Landice elliptical, though the user always has manual override. Also on board are three fitness tests.
  • Side Rails: Medical-grade hand rails are included for safety. This run the length of the unit.
  • Multiple User Profiles: For 2018 Landice ellipticals feature the Cardio Control Panel. This console lets up to five trainees store their profiles, and it saves eight weeks of workout history.
  • Bluetooth for Fitness Apps: New Landice ellipticals have Bluetooth for connecting with mobile apps. Most exciting is connecting to RunSocial, which provides virtual outdoor exercise settings. You can view these on a mobile device or stream HD views to a big screen. Read our E7/E9 elliptical review to learn more.
  • Optional TV: To enjoy TV during exercise you can choose an elliptical with a Landice Vision System (a 19” TV) or attach your own flat screen monitor to the console. You can also set a tablet computer on the elliptical’s integrated shelf.
  • Warranty & Customer Service: Landice sales are backed by best-in-industry warranties and pleasant easy-to-reach customer service.

Brand Lowlights

  • No Power Incline: Ellipticals with power incline let you move your lower body in different ways to target-tone different muscle groups.
  • Stride Is Non-Adjustable: New Landice ellipticals, unlike earlier models, have a fixed 21” stride. As with incline, adjustable stride would bring more workout diversity.
  • High Price: The main drawback of Landice is the high price. Landice ellipticals sell for about $3,000 and up.

Bottom Line

Landice ellipticals are elite options for low-impact cross training. The Landice brand is an obvious choice for commercial fitness centers, and it’s a favorite for home gym shoppers with comfortable budgets. Customers tend to be pleased, and complaints about Landice are very rare. Recommended!

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