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The home gym of the future starts here! The NordicTrack Fusion CST gym earns a spot on this elliptical review site by sharing key benefits with elliptical machines. Why? Well, essentially it allows users to “fuse” low-impact strength training with cardiovascular exercise. Thanks to silky smooth pulleys of different heights and no less than 20 levels of magnetic resistance, the Fusion CST allows trainees to accomplish all of their exercise objectives in one seamless workout at any intensity. World-class personal training is also included on the 10-inch tablet computer bundled with the machine.

Cross training support on the Fusion CST is top notch. A unique feature is the option to participate in a new Fusion CST class every day (either live or on demand) via the tablet computer. With these LiveCast Fusion CST classes, you’ll be virtually transported to a motivational studio gym environment to learn from world-class fitness professionals. Following these daily workouts is an ideal way to meet your cross-training needs from the privacy of your home. You can even access Fusion CST videos that focus on specific muscle groups or “problem areas,” bringing all the best elements of a gym membership into your home.

Also sold with this gym is an iFit Coach Plus subscription. Subscribers have access to a library of more than 800 workout videos in a wide range of categories like aerobics, dance, kickboxing and yoga (all in HD and led by world-class personal trainers). Adaptive health/fitness coaching is among the many other benefits of iFit Coach Plus. The program can integrate info about your diet, daily step count, heart rate and more to make personalized recommendations throughout the day.

Unlike traditional home gyms the NordicTrack Fusion provides workout data. It arrives with a chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring and a Watts meter on the machine keeps track of your output.

The retail price for NordicTrack Fusion CST home gyms is pricey $2999 but during online sales events we’ve seen discounts of $400 or higher. The machine is undeniably worth the price tag. Here are some more reasons to invest.

Our Favorite Features

  • Mixes strength training with cardiovascular exercise for efficient workouts
  • Provides eight pulley, the longest of which supports a range of motion up to 95 inches
  • Pulleys have 20 resistance settings with digital control
  • Uses magnetic resistance, which is lower impact on your frame compared with weight stacks; you can exercise with lower risk of soreness or injury
  • Operates quietly compared with weight stack gym equipment
  • Includes a 10″ tablet computer for on-board LiveCast Fusion CST classes and iFit Coach Plus
  • Includes an iFit Bluetooth chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Is compact for an all-in-one home gym, taking up a mere 42″ x 61″ in floor space

NordicTrack Fusion CST - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:None
Stride Length:N/A
Flywheel:Inertia Enhanced
Weight Capacity:N/A
Dimensions:0" L x 42" W x 61" H

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Retail price is above average for a home gym
  • Parts warranty only lasts one year

The Bottom Line

The Fusion CST is an ideal home gym for those who also gravitate toward ellipticals due to the low-impact cross training. With a max pulley extension of 95-inches, the Fusion is more versatile than a standard elliptical as well. Toss in the LiveCast classes and iFit Coach Plus integration via an included tablet and you have the top home gym recommendation for luxury shoppers. If you can afford it, this is an ideal home gym system for almost any exercise style.

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