Comparing the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Vs. M6 Vs. M8

Looking to purchase a new Bowflex Max Trainer? If so, you have a world of options at your fingertips. The company has just come out with two new Max Trainer models, the M6 and M8 and they are offering new and improved benefits that you’ll be sure to love.

You might be wondering how they really compare. Isn’t a Max Trainer a Max Trainer? How could they make it that much different? Is it worth upgrading?

Let’s get these questions answered and more in our Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Vs. M6 Vs. M8 review.

A Brief Look At The Max Trainer Features

Let’s start off by giving you an overview of what you’re looking at with each of these machines. It always helps to compare things side by side so you know precisely what you’re getting with each.


Spec M3 M6 M8
Price $1299 $1699 $2299
Size 46” L x 25”W x 63” H 49” L x 30.5” W x 65.5” H 49” L x 30.5” W x 65.5” H
Max Weight 300 lbs. 300 lbs. 300 lbs.
Warranty 1 Year Frame and Parts

90 days Labor

3 Years Frame and Parts

90 days Labor

3 Years Frame And Parts

90 days Labor

Levels Of Resistance 8 16 20
# Of Users With Connectivity 1 1 4
Heart Rate Monitor Style Chest Strap Integrated contact grips Integrated contact grips
Handles Multi-Grip Dynamic Handles Multi-Grip Dynamic Handles Multi-Grip  Dynamic Handles


So now that you see a little more about these machines, let’s go into these features in detail. On the surface, they may appear to be very similar, but there are some key differences to know about that may help guide your purchasing decisions.


The first point of comparison, which will be one that most people are taking note of is the price of the machine. Price can have a significant influence since if your budget is only so high with no wiggle room, it won’t matter so much what other machines are offering – you can’t consider them.

The prices here vary widely. The lowest level model, the M3 comes in at just $1299. This is quite a reasonable price and will work for most people. Compare it to any good treadmill out there or bike and it’s right on the mark.

If you step it up a notch to the M6, you’ll be facing a $1699 price tag. This is getting higher and while still under that $2000 sweet spot price mark, it may be a harder push for some individuals to go up to this level.

Finally, if we jump to the M8, now we’re over that $2000 level at $2299. For many, this will be out of budget. But, if you are serious about your workout program and viewing this as an investment you will make use of for years to come, you may find that $2299 is not too much to ask for. As long as, of course, the features that you’ll get justify it for you.


Now let’s factor in size. For those of you who are looking to workout in a space as small as possible, the good news is the cheapest machine is actually also the smallest. You’ll find it’s smaller in all three dimensions – height, length, and width so you can fit it into a small room with ease.

While all of the Bowflex Max Trainers are created with a compact design in mind, this one is notable smaller than the others.

Now, this brings benefits and advantages. The benefit is that it is smaller so it’s great for condo use or if you have other equipment you need to fit into your space.

The disadvantage is that the smaller the machine however is because it’s smaller and there’s less frame overall, this means it may not feel quite as sturdy and stable. If you are a heavier user, you may notice the difference. While all three machines do have the same max weight rating, indicating that they should be able to support the same total user weight, some people may find they get a different feel from each machine.

The M6 and the M8 will be the same sizes, so it’s just the M3 that that is the smaller one of the bunch.


Warranty is another important consideration for someone who’s looking to make an investment in a piece of exercise equipment. If you opt for a cheaper model that has shorter warranty and something goes wrong, you could end up spending almost as much as if you would have just purchased the higher price machine in the first place.

Here we see the warranty does vary again, with the M3 coming in with it’s own offering. You’ll get just one year parts of frame and parts warranty when you purchase that M3, while with the M6 and M8, you’ll get three years frame and parts. This is a significant difference and could make you consider jumping to at least the M6.

All three machines will offer 90 days warrant on labor.

Levels Of Resistance

The levels of resistance is another element that will change considerably when you look between the machines. You want to think about what levels of resistance you need right now as well as into the future.

You don’t want to spend a good amount of money on a machine only to outgrow it in a few months to years time.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 comes with just 8 levels of resistance, so is well suited to the beginner trainee who isn’t really looking to step up their game much and just wants to maintain an overall level of fitness.

If you go to the M6, now you’re up to 16 levels of resistance, so significantly more. This will help give you a better workout and allow you to reach new heights with your interval training.

If you opt for the M8, you’ll get 20 resistance settings, so this is great for the more advanced user who is really looking to push themselves to the limit. With this many resistance settings, the chances of you growing out of the machine are very slim.

# Of Users With Connectivity

Being able to save your workout information is a great feature to have and the higher end Bowflex Max Trainers definitely do deliver.

The M8 comes with 4 users of connectivity so your whole family can utilize the machine. The M3 and M6 do not offer this feature however, so while other people use the machine just fine, they aren’t going to be able to keep their data integrated in.

Heart Rate Monitor Style

Another point of difference between these machines is the heart rate monitor style. Both the higher level machines, the M6 and M8 come with integrated contact grips so you can just place your hands on the grips and get your heart rate given to you.

The M3 however still relies on a chest strap to keep track of your heart rate, so is the less than optimal approach. Many people find these uncomfortable to wear and much prefer the handle grips instead.

So there you have a closer look at the M3 vs. M6 vs. M8. All three of these machines are great choices no matter how you look at it as the Bowflex Max Trainer is one of the hottest pieces of fitness equipment in the industry. This said, you do need to be aware of the difference in specs when purchasing it so you can ensure you end up with a machine that will really serve you well.

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