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Cybex International, Inc. is a US ­based manufacturer of premium exercise equipment. Its factories are located in Minnesota and Massachusetts, and Cybex products are distributed in more than 80 countries. The Cybex name is found on a wide range of strength trainers and cardio machines such as free weights, Cybex Arc Trainers and treadmills. Cybex equipment is built to commercial standards, and each fitness machine is available with a choice of light commercial, commercial or residential warranty. Most of the machines are available in custom colors.

The Cybex company culture stands out in two ways. One is its commitment to quality, which is evident in impressive protocol for checking each product before delivery.

Another is its commitment to the natural environment. Environmentally­conscious practices at Cybex range from extensive water reuse to enhancing biodiversity on land surrounding its factories.

Our elliptical review website features Cybex Arc Trainers, which have great crossover with the elliptical trainer market. Arc Trainers use a low impact arc­shaped motion to provide even better leg sculpting and faster calorie burn than the leading elliptical trainers. Each model has a variable stride, which lets it serve as a cross­country glider, strider or climber.

Total Body Arc Trainers

Total Body Arc Trainers have moving arm bars to accompany the lower body motion.

These arm bars have potentially powerful resistance and can be nearly twice as

effective as those on elliptical trainers. The four Total Body Arc Trainers are the 525AT, the 625AT, the 770AT and the Total Access Trainer. The 525AT is a streamlined model and has less overall resistance than the others. The Total Access Trainer is most like the 625AT but is adapted for safer use by people with disabilities. As you move up through the series, the monitors and their preset programming options become more advanced. The three standard models can be upgraded with a 15.6” monitor, high­definition video workouts and entertainment.

Lower Body Arc Trainers

Cybex Lower Body Arc Trainers let trainees focus on their leg muscles and glutes with a choice of three exercises: gliding, striding and climbing. The two models are the 625A and the 770A. These machines have the same dimensions and power, but only the 770A has a touchscreen console. It has a few extra preset workouts too. Each model can be upgraded with a 15.6” monitor and Cybex GO for high­definition video workouts and entertainment.

Total Access Arc Trainer

The Total Access Arc Trainer is a full­body trainer with extra safety features for people with compromised vision or other disabilities. Adaptations include raised icons, handrails, color contrasting and more. This product is most similar to the 625AT in terms of its size, power and workout programming.

Brand Highlights


  • Versatile Motion: A Cybex Arc Trainer fills the roles of three fitness machines: a glider, strider and stairclimber. Additionally, the Total Body Trainers provide efficient upper body training.
  • Low Impact: Arc Trainers are even lower-impact than elliptical trainers, making them a great choice for people who have sensitive joints or just want to reduce the likelihood of exercise-related strain.
  • Rapid Results: The patented arc motion helps make Cybex trainers more efficient than elliptical trainers in terms of boosting metabolic rate and sculpting the body.
  • Preset Programs: Each Arc Trainer has a diverse mix of preset workout programs. These can be used at 10 levels.
  • Luxury Options: Optional features include a high-definition 15.6” monitor and the Cybex GO digital platform. Cybex GO provides access to additional workouts, live TV, on-demand music videos and other features.
  • Accessible Designs: The Total Access Arc Trainer and 11 other Cybex products are specially designed for safe use by people with disabilities.
  • Color Choice: Most Cybex fitness machines are available in custom-painted frames.
  • Long Warranties: Cybex warranties are a pretty good match for the machines’ higher prices. Residential customers get especially long warranties for the parts. All customers get a period of free labor and a 10-year frame warranty.


Brand Lowlights

  • Price: Cybex Arc Trainers are expensive when compared with traditional elliptical trainers. However, they offer three training styles and are exceptionally durable.

Bottom Line

Cybex offers exciting alternatives to standard elliptical trainers. Their Arc Trainers feature a patented arc-shaped motion that is more effective than elliptical movement and also lower impact. The three supported workout styles (gliding, striding and climbing) let people focus on specific muscle groups in the lower body, plus upper body training is an option. Cybex International is a reputable company and a favorite choice for high-end fitness equipment.

All Cybex Ellipticals

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Cybex 525AT Total Body Arc Trainer4-StarsSee Best Price

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