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Pros The Total Access Arc Trainer is a three-in-one fitness machine. It can be used as a glider, strider or climber and takes up little space for a full-body trainer. In any mode it delivers rapid results by combining speedy calorie burn, impressive muscle sculpting and a low-impact design that promotes endurance. Heart rate control is included on its list of diverse preset programs.
Cons Cybex Arc Trainers cost more than traditional fitness machines, and the 770AT is the most advanced model. Cybex is banking on the three-in-one feature combined with the product’s reputation for durability.
Summary Versatile, powerful and low-impact, the Cybex 770AT is a top choice for fitness clubs and elite home gyms. It simultaneously trains the upper body and lower body with smooth arc-shaped motion. The adjustable stride supports everything from stairstepping to a 24” glide. This stride versatility combined with a wide range of resistance, 21 incline choices and diverse preset programs can efficiently train everyone from beginners through top athletes.

Cybex 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer Detailed Overview

Editor’s Summary: “An exciting alternative to elliptical trainers, the commercial Cybex 770AT is the top Arc Trainer in its series. This full-body trainer offers an even lower impact workout than the leading elliptical can, plus it supports faster calorie burn. This club favorite has a luxury price to match its high quality.”

Leading its series, the Cybex 770AT is a full body arc trainer for use in clubs and home gyms. This popular alternative to elliptical trainers outperforms the competition in terms of power, durability and its ability to torch calories. It can meet the needs of beginners as well as top-level cross trainers.

Compared with an elliptical trainer, a Cybex Arc Trainer can burn about 16% more calories. That’s because it supports an arc or crescent-shaped motion instead of an oval motion. The arc motion works your glutes and hamstrings to a greater degree, which explains some of the higher calorie burn. The 770AT also has moving arm bars for added calorie burn and upper-body toning. (For an option without moving arm bars, see the 770A.)

Low-impact design is another advantage. Compared with elliptical trainers, Arc Trainers put even less pressure on your knees.

To help you focus on different muscle groups, the 770AT has a wide range of resistance levels and 21 incline choices. At the higher incline levels you can take a stepping motion that works the quads, and lower levels with strong resistance help firm the glutes. Cybex describes its three exercise zones as Glide, Stride and Climb.

Another neat feature is named “load dependent.” This means that the Cybex automatically adjusts its resistance for the user’s weight. Whether you weigh 100 pounds or 200 pounds, you’ll get a perfect workout!

The Cybex 770AT has a 4.3” touchscreen control panel for setting up workouts and entertainment. Also available is a premium 15.6’ monitor with three viewing modes: Exercise, Entertainment and Escape.

The touchscreen can be used to control an iPhone or iPad. It supports 10 languages including US English and Canadian English. Workout profiles are graphically displayed on an 8 x 15 LED. The feedback shown are time, distance, calories, calories per hour, METs, watts, strides per minute and heart rate. Heart rate data are shown with a multi-color indication of the range. Also shown are the incline and resistance level.

Preset workouts include the following: quick start, weight loss (3), cardio (2), shaping (2), strength (3), adaptive power, constant power and heart rate control. Heart rate can be monitored wirelessly or with contact grips. Additional workouts (and entertainment) are available with the optional Cybex GO digital platform.

Cybex Arc Trainers are available in five standard colors and more than 180 custom colors. The consoles have convenience features including a magazine rack, water bottle holder, utility tray and two-speed fan.

The 770AT is made in the USA with excellent quality control. It has a 10-year frame warranty, a three year parts warranty and a one year labor warranty.

Our Favorite Features

  • Low impact
  • Train for strength, endurance and weight loss
  • Great for muscle targeting; glide, stride or climb
  • Features the Cybex Muscle Map visual motivator
  • “Load dependent” feature adjusts resistance to user weight
  • Has preset workouts
  • Has heart rate control
  • Optional Cybex GO Platform for extra workout support and entertainment
  • Optional 15.6” monitor with three viewing modes
  • Color choice

Our Least Favorite Feature(s)

  • Price

The Bottom Line

The low-impact Cybex 770AT is popular at  fitness clubs and adds luxury to any home workout room. With a wide range of challenge levels and workout support, it’s equipped to efficiently train beginners through top athletes. Price is the only potential drawback — so if this machine fits your budget, we recommend it highly.