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Diamondback started out as a major bicycle company, and they continue to produce top bikes today, just as they did at their start in 1977. While a number of different types are available for purchase, the company is now also known for its top-notch fitness equipment. This includes a wonderful line of elliptical trainers that are appropriate for home gym use.

The company offshoot happened in 1991, spinning off from their popular bike line into a full-fledged inventory of fitness products. You will find some of the greatest elliptical machines designed by this brand, which has the unique opportunity of drawing in both baby boomers who rode their bikes in the early days, as well as a younger up-and-coming generation getting to know their products in local commercial gyms. Now, you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

When you’re searching for the perfect elliptical trainer, here are a few from the Diamondback line worth trying.

1260EF Elliptical Trainer: One of the latest models of elliptical trainers to come out of the Diamondback line is the 1260Ef. This machine has been recommended by leading consumer publications, as well as winning a Best Buy award. You will find 10 different levels of incline to adjust between, 20 different levels of intensity and dozens of programs – both built-in and customiable. This machine is solid, safe and yields impressive results.

510ER Elliptical Trainer: This is a rear-drive elliptical, which provides for a much more fluid stride and plenty of other accommodations for users who aren’t super tall in stature. The low step-up height of the 510ER makes it appealing to both older and more petite users, lowering their risk of injury. Enjoy special features like a USB port, built-in speakers and target heart rate programs that will keep you safely on track.

510EF Elliptical Trainer: The middle-of-the-road model from Diamondback is the 510EF trainer. This comes with cooling fans, adjustable settings, quick set program keys and plenty of workout programs to choose from. You’ll never get bored with this elliptical, and the price is decent too, considering all the features you will get.

Brand Highlights:

  • Frame: It’s sturdy and smooth in most models.
  • Customization: All three elliptical trainers from Diamondback offer customized programs. This will keep you motivated and on track to reach your own personal fitness goals.
  • Company History: Diamondback has a great company history with plenty of memories with multiple generations. Their reputation of creating high-quality bikes has certainly spilled over into their elliptical line.
  • Durability: These are well-built machines right here in the U.S. They have reliable customer service, too.
  • Price: Decently priced in relation to features received.

Brand Lowlights:

  • Heart Rate Programs: These aren’t always super reliable, so ensure there is another option other than the hand grip reader.
  • Program Diversity: While an abundance of workout programs is obviously handy, it can also be overwhelming. If you are an elliptical novice, you may find it difficult to discern between what you really need on your first elliptical machine.

The Bottom Line:

Diamondback Fitness has the great benefit of spinning off from a very reputable bike company. The result has been a chance at great success that they have thrived with. From traditional to rear-drive elliptical machines, Diamondback creates safe, low-impact units that the whole family can use. Many have adjustable features including stride length and program customization, along with creature comforts like a water bottle holder and magazine rack. When you’re looking for an affordable yet effective machine that is durable enough to withstand daily use from the entire family, look no further than Diamondback.

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Diamondback 510Ef Elliptical3-StarsSee Best Price
Diamondback 1060Ef Elliptical3-StarsSee Best Price

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