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Pros The Diamondback 510Ef is a top-notch elliptical machine that keeps things interesting for both novice and advanced fitness users. The long stride length allows for use by multiple family members, and the built in 20 workout programs vary in focus and skill level. Every program has 16 resistance levels so every user is challenged no matter what their past elliptical experience.
Cons Unfortunately like many ellipticals on the market today, the warranty is unimpressive. The “lifetime warranty” on your machine’s frame is actually just five years. Even worse, there is only a 90-day warranty on non-electrical parts.
Summary The Diamondback 510Ef is a likeable machine in the sense that you will accomplish your fitness goals. This is a no-frills machine with plenty of programs and challenge levels to choose from. Much like the simpler elliptical machines you find at your local health club, the Diamondback 510Ef provides the privacy and convenience of a home elliptical without compromising in durability and programs.

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Diamondback 510Ef Elliptical Detailed Overview

While there are definitely elliptical machines in this price range that come with more advanced features, there is a strong following for Diamondback models, including this front-drive elliptical with a long stride and diverse range of use. These machines have been known to perform quite well, and with a weight capacity of 300 pounds, the machine itself only weighs 190, meaning it can be relocated to a different room with relative ease whenever necessary.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the Diamondback 510Ef elliptical machine:

  • Long stride – compared to others in its price range, which can feature strides as short as 12”, the 510Ef has a generous 19-inch stride that will bring relief to your knees.
  • 20 different workout programs with various challenges and focuses.
  • Moving handlebars provides more complete upper body strength.
  • Cooling fan with three separate speeds
  • MP3 player connection so you can listen to your favorite playlist as you get in shape.

Our Least Favorite Features

A few downsides to the Diamondback 510Ef elliptical:

  • The warranty is not so great – a lifetime frame guarantee actually means the expected life of the machine – not your lifetime.
  • The heart rate monitor is located in the hand grips, which leads to a less accurate reading than other forms of monitoring.

The Bottom Line

Diamondback is known for manufacturing effective elliptical machines at a reasonable price – many home gym owners are repeat customers, testifying to the high level of success these machines have garnered when it comes to toning and promoting positive health in its users.

With that being said, there are a few things the 510Ef lacks. Without accurate heart rate monitoring (this is measured via handlebar grips), you must take the time to manually monitor as well. Handlegrip monitoring is somewhat inaccurate, although it will still provide a ballpark range on how you are doing. The warranty, unfortunately like many elliptical brands today, is also not the best, with only 90 days on “wear parts” and a lifetime warranty that actually pertains to the expected lifespan of the machine – not you.

The Diamondback 510Ef comes packed with an impressive amount of workout programs, as well as a long stride length and customizable resistance levels so your body is pushed to its limit each and every time. With movable handlebars, you’ll also enjoy the opportunity to more effectively tone the upper body. Finally, its longer stride length of 19-inches protects your knees and other joints from injury, allowing you to exercise longer and more effectively than on an elliptical with shorter stride limitations.

Overall, the Diamondback 510Ef is a quality unit with enough features to keep rides interesting and results-driven. However, if you are looking for advanced features or a stronger warranty, it may be best to shop around first before committing. Diamondback is known as a brand for providing high-quality machines, and their 510Ef elliptical is no exception. Thus, whatever you choose, you are sure to come out a winner.

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