Cyber Monday Elliptical Sales 2016

Along with Black Friday, Cyber Monday is one of the year’s busiest days for elliptical sales. To see the latest Cyber Monday Deals, check out our 2016 Cyber Monday Elliptical Guide. It makes perfect sense considering the combo of expanding waistlines and holiday shopping excitement. Shopping online is the best way to get an elliptical any time too; most manufacturers’ websites regularly provide free shipping in the lower 48 states. Some special perks sometimes advertised along with Cyber Monday elliptical discounts are free exercise mats and wireless chest straps. Read on for help finding the best deal for your home gym or commercial workout space.

Find the Best Cyber Monday Elliptical Deal for Your Budget

Shopping for fitness equipment over a few days, most people notice that elliptical sale prices fluctuate pretty wildly. Especially as you move into the higher price tiers the difference can be $500 or more from one week to the next. This is true at any time of year, not just around Cyber Monday… so recognizing a true elliptical deal can be tricky. That’s why we’re here! Get guidance from our elliptical comparison charts featuring the top ellipticals for your budget.

Seeing what your money can typically buy will help you recognize a true Cyber Monday elliptical deal. Our elliptical comparison charts present stride length and other key features along with each model’s MSRP and online discount price.

Another way to get ready for Cyber Monday elliptical sales is to research fitness brands. Virtually every brand is known for Cyber Monday offers, so you can be ready to pounce on specials if you already have a favorite in mind. We’ve prepared guides to dozens of elliptical manufacturers.

Make an Elliptical Machine Checklist

Elliptical machine variety is even more extensive than you might think. To get an idea of the many features available, read elliptical reviews about the top models for a few brands. While most shoppers aren’t seeking the top-of-the-line trainers, seeing these is the only way to know what’s possible. Make a list of features that you want to be sure are included on your new elliptical.

Here are some features that tend to improve as model numbers get higher and prices climb:

  • Flywheel weight
  • Stride length options
  • Stride incline options
  • Number of preset workout programs
  • Quality of heart rate monitor
  • Size of data monitor

Our elliptical reviews break down each machine so that readers can get unbiased looks at the programming, features and warranty. Here are details about three main points to consider as you shop the Cyber Monday elliptical sales: machine size, stride length and stride incline.

Machine Size Matters

Home elliptical trainers sometimes need 20 or more square feet of floor space. For instance, a popular rear drive elliptical is about 6.5 feet long and nearly three feet wide… plus the owners obviously need to leave clearance around the machine. But that’s on the larger end of the spectrum. Rear drive elliptical trainers are the longest, front drive ellipticals are shorter, and center drive ellipticals are usually the most compact.

A special option to look for in Cyber Monday elliptical sales is the foldable elliptical. Folding ellipticals might demand a good deal of space when in use, but in between workouts they can hide in a corner.

Stride Length and Incline Settings

Most elliptical shoppers know that choosing a comfortable stride length is essential to being satisfied with their purchase. The industry standard of 20” suits most trainees. People with shorter and longer strides might prefer ellipticals with 18” and 22” settings, respectively.

Adjustable stride ellipticals are especially popular because they can fit the natural gaits of just about any user, plus they give each trainee a variety of training options for leg sculpting.

Adjustable stride ellipticals tend to cost more than others. One way to get extra workout variety without necessarily spending as much is to choose an elliptical with a power incline. If it has 10 incline settings, for example, then you get 10 elliptical paths to choose from instead of just one! Incline workouts can improve muscle definition while increasing metabolic rate and making your elliptical cardio sessions more challenging.

Many cheap ellipticals have at least 10 power incline settings. As price increases the number of incline options increases.

Elliptical Deals

See our comparison chart of favorite ellipticals in your price range. Our free charts include links to Cyber Monday elliptical deals. We’ve selected the top five values for budget ellipticals, mid-priced ellipticals and commercial-quality machines.