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Pros The ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer is a low-impact fitness machine. In other words it’s unlikely to trigger joint/ligament irritation even when you train your hardest. With a choice of 24 resistance settings it exercises the whole body at once, recruiting the major muscle groups with its moving handlebars and cushioned pedals, and the movements are more vigorous than what a standard elliptical machine supports. Whether used for high intensity interval training (HIIT) or purely aerobic workouts the CardioHIIT enables rapid improvement in metabolic rate, endurance, bone density and other important aspects of physical well-being. Furthermore this model is loaded with diverse training programs and can be used with iFit.
Cons Although the CardioHIIT Trainer can accommodate many strength levels, high intensity interval training isn’t recommended for everyone. On the one hand, scientific studies credit HIIT with excellent health improvements for certain people with type 2 diabetes and other significant health issues. But on the other hand, HIIT for some people carries a high risk of stroke and other serious problems. Talking with your doctor before starting any exercise program is a standard disclaimer in the fitness industry, and with high intensity interval training it should especially be taken to heart.
Summary On sale for $999 the ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer is an excellent offer for shoppers who can safely enjoy vigorous cardiovascular exercise. It delivers a range of extraordinary results in surprisingly little time, plus it’s loaded with extra features to enhance the workout experience.

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ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer Detailed Overview

The ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer fills a unique role in home gyms, allowing high intensity interval training without the risk of damaging the knees and other joints through harsh impact. It’s been called the “next generation step machine” because it improves upon the traditional step machine motion with a more elliptical footpath. Furthermore, the smooth but challenging lower body exercise is paired with upper body resistance from moving handlebars. Unlike the handlebars on standard elliptical trainers, CardioHIIT handlebars move the trainee through boxing-like motions to amplify calorie burn. By gripping these handlebars in different ways you can target-tone different muscle groups in your arms, shoulders, back and core body.

As just suggested above, the ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer is something like an elliptical-stepper hybrid. One option is to use it for traditional aerobic workouts (exercising at a relatively constant pace). Compared with your usual elliptical or stepper training, you can burn more calories because of how the pedals and moving handlebars are designed. But of course the main attraction of this unit is high intensity interval training (HIIT) that’s gentle to your joints. Multiple HIIT apps are programmed into the console computer, and with the addition of iFit ($9.99/month) you can download new workout routines anytime.

This unique cross-trainer has little competition. It does remind us of the Bowflex M3 Max Trainer, which also sells for $999, but the ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer is far superior in terms of workout programming (32 programs versus two!), resistance settings (24 versus eight) and warranty coverage. Its most serious competitor is the CardioHIIT Trainer Pro ($1499 on sale), which has similar performance specs to the original CardioHIIT but includes a 10” touchscreen with web browser.

The manufacturer’s warranty provides lifetime coverage for the CardioHIIT Trainer’s steel frame, three years for parts and one year for labor. The factory-direct deal carries a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:Yes
Stride Length:N/A
Flywheel:28 lbs
Weight Capacity:350 lbs
Dimensions:39" L x 29.25" W x 66.7" H

Our Favorite Features

  • Total body training for weight management, strength, cardio toning and more
  • Low impact pedaling helps maximize calorie burn and minimize risk of exercise-related injury
  • High quality pedals are oversized and cushioned to promote comfort and endurance
  • Multigrip handlebars with resistance allow for targeted toning of the core, back, shoulders and arms
  • Very smooth resistance with 24 settings and a 28-pound flywheel
  • Thirty-two workout apps and optional iFit for guidance through aerobic workouts and high intensity interval training
  • 7" data display with backlighting is easy to read, and a tablet computer can be attached as an iFit monitor
  • Media ledge for holding a tablet computer without obscuring the console display
  • iPod compatible sound system
  • Compact machine size compared with traditional cross-trainers and treadmills
  • A bottle holder and two-speed fan help trainees keep comfortable
  • High weight capacity of 350 pounds
  • Valuable warranty package on the frame, parts and labor

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Fixed stride length and incline instead of variable
  • Grip heart rate monitor might give finicky readouts during fast-paced exercise; the wireless monitor on the CardioHIIT Trainer Pro is more reliable

The Bottom Line

The ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer earns a very positive review. It can deliver incredibly impressive HIIT results without risking discomfort and downtime from harsh impact.

Also taking into account the long menu of workouts, iPod-compatible audio and other extra features, we call the CardioHIIT Trainer a best buy at the $999 sale price.

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