ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 Trainer

ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 Trainer

ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer Review


ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 Trainer

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Detailed Overview

HIIT training has taken at-home exercise to new heights in recent years, as more and more people are looking to squeeze short but high-intensity workouts into their busy schedule. To answer this surge in popularity, ProForm developed their SMART HIIT trainer. Unfortunately, the model has been discontinued, but many are still available as used units, making it worth the look.

The ProForm SMART HIIT trainer allows high-intensity interval training without the risk of damaging knees and other joints through harsh impact. Some call it a “next generation step machine” because it improves upon the traditional step machine motion by adding a more elliptical footpath. The smooth (yet challenging) lower body exercise is paired with upper body resistance from moving handlebars. Unlike the handlebars on standard elliptical trainers, HIIT handlebars move the trainee through boxing-like motions to amplify their calorie burn. By gripping these handlebars in different ways, you can target-tone different muscle groups in your arms, shoulders, back and core body. All of this makes the ProForm HIIT Trainer something like an elliptical-stepper hybrid

One option is to use it for traditional aerobic workouts where you exercise at a relatively constant pace. Even so, compared with your usual elliptical or stepper training, you can burn more calories thanks to its pedal and moving handlebar designs.

Of course the main attraction of this unit is high intensity interval training (HIIT) that’s still gentle on the joints. There are multiple HIIT apps programmed into the console to help vary your routines from the get-go. What’s more, the free 1-year iFit membership included with the machine means you can try new workouts every day. Just dock your tablet or smartphone on the trainer’s tablet holder and get to work!

This unique cross-trainer has little competition. A comparable unit still on the market would be the Bowflex Max Trainer M3, which also sells for $999, but the ProForm HIIT Trainer offers more workout programming at 32 programs, and resistance settings numbering 24. 

Because the product is discontinued, getting manufacturer support would be difficult. As a used model, there would be help via or other online venues. 

ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:Yes
Stride Length:10” Vertical, 5” Horizontal
Flywheel:28 lbs
Weight Capacity:350 lbs
Dimensions:52" L x 29.25" W x 66.7" H

Our Favorite Features:

  • Total body training: For weight management, strength, cardio, toning and more
  • Low impact pedaling: Helps maximize calorie burn and minimize risk of exercise-related injury
  • High quality pedals: Are oversized and cushioned to promote comfort and endurance
  • Multigrip handlebars: Allows for targeted toning of the core, back, shoulders and arms
  • Very smooth resistance: 24 settings and a 28-pound flywheel
  • 32 built-in workout apps: A year’s free membership to iFit for an unlimited library of workouts
  • 7″ backlit data display: Easy to read
  • Tablet holder: Dock your device and use as an iFit monitor
  • Built-in sound system: Allows you to plug in your device and listen to your top workout playlists through the set of speakers
  • Compact machine size: Compared with traditional cross-trainers and treadmills
  • High weight capacity: 350 pounds

Our Least Favorite Features:

  • Fixed stride lengths: Instead of variable
  • Grip heart rate monitor: Might give finicky readouts during fast-paced exercise

The Bottom Line

The ProForm HIIT Trainer warrants a positive review for the right person. It delivers HIIT results without risking discomfort or harsh impact on your joints. Add in the long menu of workouts, the iPhone-compatible audio, and other extra features, and we’ll happily call it a good buy.


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  • Mike Teague March 30, 2019 at 1:16 am
    What a joke. Proform is the worst company. Horrible customer service. I returned my Hit Trainer today. Never worked right and Proform made no attempt to help.
    • Elliptical Reviews Pros April 1, 2019 at 2:17 pm
      Hi Mike. We are so sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with the Proform machine. Unfortunately there can be glitches with any machine but we hope that the companies can help resolve any issues for our customers. We hope that you can find another option in the future as we have many great machines on the market.

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