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This Machine is Discontinued

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This Machine is Discontinued


Pros The Jupiter Pilot Elliptical is low priced and has features normally reserved for more expensive cross-trainers. First, to comfortably fit all but the tallest trainees it has electronic adjustable stride with settings from 16 to 20 inches. Second, to let people precisely target different muscle groups in the lower body it has a power incline range of zero to 25%. Other highlights include a solid 25-pound drive, moving handlebars, diverse workout programs, wireless heart rate monitoring, a tablet holder, and an MP3 player port and speakers.
Summary The Jupiter Pilot Elliptical is a top elliptical under $1000, delivering resistance levels and stride variability that are unusual for its price class. It’s an excellent entry-level elliptical for people of most sizes, although taller and heavier people would get better value from the Jupiter Plus, Navarre Plus or another Yowza alternative.

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Detailed Overview

Beware: It seems as though Yowza has gone out of business. If you are looking to buy one of their machines proceed with caution.

The Jupiter Pilot Elliptical is an impressive total body trainer from Yowza Fitness. It’s the smallest and cheapest Yowza elliptical — just $999 on sale, $1499 full price — yet it’s powerful and versatile. Performance highlights include a 25-pound drive, electronically adjustable stride, and electronically adjustable incline. Additional specs such as heart rate control and reversible pedal motion help make it a best buy elliptical under $1000.

This fitness machine can make a great addition to most home gyms because it has the power and versatility to accommodate all but the tallest and heaviest trainees. It can save multiple user profiles as well. The Jupiter Pilot is equipped with the same 25-pound resistance system as more expensive Yowza ellipticals, and with 16 tension settings for lower body training it can be an ideal match whether you’re an experienced trainee or a newcomer to elliptical exercise. It also has multiple options for stride path length, letting you power-adjust the stride from 16″ to 20″. This range supports the natural walk of most adults while also letting people use the Jupiter Pilot for more step-like exercise at 16″. Reverse pedal motion adds variety too, triggering the muscles in new ways to enhance balance and muscle definition. The pedals also articulate or rotate a bit for comfort, following and supporting your body’s natural motion. And yet another impressive feature is the power-adjustable incline. By tilting the elliptical path you can target-tone muscle groups in your lower body while dramatically boosting calorie burn. Choose from 12 incline settings up to a maximum of 25%.

Upper-body training on the Jupiter Pilot is supported with standard moving handlebars that give light resistance. Overall they help provide a bit of tone while boosting the overall calorie burn of each workout. Note that these are the simplest in Yowza’s collection; other machines such as the Navarre Pilot have handlebars designed to support multiple grip positions, and some have handlebars with slight rotation to enhance abdominal training.

For workout guidance and feedback the Jupiter Pilot Elliptical has an easy-to-read LED monitor. Five users can save their profiles, whereas most ellipticals under $1000 can’t be customized. The eight workout programs are named Target Time, Target Distance, Target Calories, Interval, Endurance, Watts Control, Heart Rate Control and Fat Burning. The heart rate control program can be used with the built-in contact pulse sensors or with a wireless chest strap (sold separately).

Special features on the console include an MP3 player port, speakers and a secure holder for a tablet computer.

This elliptical’s warranty package provides lifetime coverage on the frame and magnetic braking system, two years on parts and electronics, and one year of service. Labor is provided in-home.

Our Favorite Features

  • Power adjustable stride of 16″ to 20″
  • Power adjustable incline (12 levels from zero to 25%)
  • Reversible stride
  • 25-pound flywheel and 16 resistance levels
  • Eight workout programs
  • Five user profiles
  • MP3 player port and speakers
  • Secure holder for tablet computer
  • Compatible with wireless pulse monitoring straps
  • Grip pulse sensors are built-in
  • Welded steel frame
  • Compact size (54″ L x 32″ W)
  • 300-pound capacity
  • Transport wheels

Yowza Jupiter Pilot Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Incline:0 - 25%
Stride Length:16" - 20"
Weight Capacity:300
Dimensions:54" L x 32" W x 64" H

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Not ideal for very tall trainees
  • Standard handlebars with single grip position
  • No workout fan

The Bottom Line

The Yowza Jupiter Pilot Elliptical has a truly remarkable list of performance features. Specs such as power-adjustable stride and steep incline options aren’t common on such affordable ellipticals, but Yowza makes them standard. Also not so common at $999 are the welded steel frame, 25-pound drive, pivoting pedals with reversible stride, multiple user profiles, and heart rate control. Programming on this unit can support anyone’s cardio goals, and while the console isn’t high-tech its secure ledge lets you bring your tablet computer apps along for the ride. All in all the Jupiter Pilot is a top contender for $999 elliptical trainer budgets.

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