Ellipticals with the Most Incline and Resistance

An elliptical trainer can provide different challenge levels with 1) adjustable flywheel resistance and 2) adjustable incline. Shown below are some top-rated ellipticals with especially heavy flywheels and steep inclines.

The main source of challenge comes from flywheel resistance. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the ride and the higher the potential force. Older elliptical machines use mechanical resistance, but modern elliptical trainers use magnetic resistance. Their flywheels are controlled by magnetic fields instead of contact brakes.

On cheaper ellipticals with magnetic resistance the force is altered when magnets are moved closer to or further away from the flywheels, which are typically made of steel or aluminum.
The best elliptical trainers use magnetic resistance with eddy current braking. These electromagnetic systems have no moving parts, so they’re more durable and faster-acting than the others. Without having any moving parts, they are silent too.

Some elliptical machines provide various incline settings for extra challenge. Usually the incline can be controlled electronically for dynamic workout sessions. On some machines the incline is adjusted manually. Benefits of incline training include targeted muscle toning, faster calorie burn and greater cardiovascular challenge.

Here are a few top-rated elliptical machines with strong maximum resistance and steep inclines.