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Founded in 1909 as a steel products manufacturer in northern Spain, Beistegui Hermanos (spanish for Beistegui Brothers) Global Group, or BH, has over 100 years’ experience in fitness manufacturing, and is the largest bike trainer supplier in Europe. As a multinational company, BH Fitness is in over 65 countries worldwide.

The BH Fitness division was created in the 1960s, and there are now three manufacturing facilities located in Spain, Portugal and Mexico, with subsidiaries located in nine other countries including the United States.

BH Fitness manufactures both residential and commercial-grade elliptical trainers, in both front and rear-drive design (as well as their new upper front-drive arc design). Their new i.Concept Series of elliptical trainers, launched in 2011, brings advanced technology features right to the trainer using bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows users to make their favorite device an extension of the console, pairing up compatible devices (Apple iOS6 or higher) to access movies, games, workout programs and more. Users can also track workouts and share stats using this advanced console set-up.

Front-Drive Elliptical Trainers:
BH Fitness' LK Series of fitness equipment feature their light commercial grade elliptical trainers with front-drive design: the LK500E (with basic front drive design), and the LK700X and LK500X (with upper front drive design). There's also the LK500i with upper front drive design and i.Concept technology. These models are self-generated, easy to use and attractive, making these models ideal for any gym floor. They are also affordable, ranging in price from $1,500 to just over $4,500. The LK Series are designed specifically for comfort and safety, designed with a narrow Q-factor, oversized foot pedals and dual handlebars.

The Signature Series also includes two front-drive designed trainers that are also part of the i.Concept Series: the S5Xi and the S3Xi. These models retail for $1,999 (the S3Xi) and $2,399 (the S5Xi), and are equipped with the advanced i.Concept console for blue tooth connectivity and the ability to link up your favorite device right to the console. This feature is compatible with Apple iOS6 and higher and allows users to access movies, games, workout programs and more, with the ability to also track and share workout stats and goal points.

Rear-Drive Elliptical Trainers:
The SK Series of commercial-grade elliptical trainers by BK Fitness feature their rear-drive designed models: the SK8200TV, retailing for $6,699, and the SK8200, retailing for $5,999. These high-duty models top out weight capacities at over 400 pounds and are self-generated. The SK8200TV is equipped with a 10-inch touchscreen display and fingertip controls, while the SK8200 boasts 40 workout programs and over 20 levels of resistance. These models are bulkier than the front-drive designed models, but they do come with transport wheels for easy mobility.

The Signature Series features both front and rear-drive design models. The residential rear-drive design model in this series is the S1Ei which is also part of the i.Concept Series of trainers with advanced consoles. The S1Ei is the entry-level model in this series, retailing for a reasonable $1,199. This model features a 20-inch stride, 26 workout programs and 24 levels of resistance to choose from. The console lacks basic amenities but does feature an attractive blue back-lit LED display. This model does not allow for wireless heart rate monitoring.

Brand Highlights

  • Ergonomically-sound design that is both safe and durable
  • i.Concept Console allows for compatible devices to be linked to the console for access to workouts, movies, games and more
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
    Non-bulky design (more compact and features transport wheels)
  • Many commercial models are self-generated (easy to adapt to various floor plans of a gym)
  • Offers both rear and front-drive design, as well as new upper front-drive arc design on newer models
  • Electronic resistance levels ranging from 20 to 26

Brand Lowlights

  • Non-adjustable features (fixed stride, non-adjustable pedals, etc.)
    Shorter, fixed stride lengths ranging from 18 to 20.5 inches
  • Many models are missing basic console offerings like a cooling fan and audio capabilities
  • Lacks entertainment features (other than the i.Concept models)
  • More inexpensive models have a lower weight capacity of under 350 pounds

Bottom Line

As a whole, BH Fitness is known for quality, well-built fitness equipment and their line of elliptical trainers are no different. Some of the more elite models can be pricey, ranging in price up to $6,500 and beyond, but you do get what you pay for with these trainers. While some models do lack advanced consoles, their new i.Concept Series offer unique blue tooth connectivity that makes it easy to connect devices and access all of your favorite apps and programs. We would recommend any one of these trainers for their durability and ergonomically-sound design, but if you are looking for more entertainment options or audio capabilities, you may want to look at their i.Concept line of trainers, or other brands.

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