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iFit Coach Elliptical Workout samples

Curious about iFit Coach elliptical workouts? See previews here! We share samples of iFit Coach elliptical workout programs in Google Maps and classic graph formats.

With this guide you can see how iFit Coach elliptical workouts build upon each other for efficient personal training. The first programs are low intensity, and the final examples are for high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Part 1: Google Maps iFit Coach Elliptical Workouts

An elliptical with iFit Coach helps banish boredom by letting you explore a different location anytime. Simply choose a Google Maps route and pedal with virtual street views! Here’s an example set in Tel Aviv, Israel:

Google Maps iFit Coach Elliptical Workout with routes, tours, and themes

One fun option is drawing your own workout map. (We explain how that’s done here.) But using Google Maps programs from the iFit Coach Library is highly recommended:

  • Each iFit Coach Library program is expertly designed. The Google Maps workouts meet precise training goals while delivering scenic views.
  • Each workout fits into a series. Following a series can help you progress efficiently.

Using the iFit Library, you can download impressive “elliptical tours” or series of elliptical workout programs with common themes. Next is a look at Level 1 collections.

Level 1 iFit Coach Elliptical Workouts

Level 1 iFit Coach Elliptical Workout Program ThemesWhat’s your travel preference: sacred temples or Spring Break hot spots? Countryside treks or city tours?

With about 10 series of Level 1 elliptical workout programs at last check, the Coach Library has enough variety for a beginner to develop Level 2 ability without ever repeating a workout.

The collections have different themes, but they have common traits in terms of intensity: A typical Level 1 elliptical workout route is ½ mile to 2.0 miles long. It has minimal incline; elevation gain is about 50 feet per mile. A Level 1 program lets you focus on building endurance and using a healthy posture during elliptical exercise.

Here we look at the Level 1 series Get Started Elliptical. It’s an international city tour.

10 iFit Coach Elliptical Workout Program

Get Started Elliptical is a recommended starting point for beginners. Completing the 10-part series, you’ll build endurance by gradually moving from a half-mile workout to a two-mile workout. San Francisco, New York City, Tel Aviv and St. Petersburg are among the ten cities on this iFit Coach Google Maps tour.

Workout #1: The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is your first destination. This elliptical workout path is very low intensity: It’s only 0.5 miles, and the whole stretch is flat or downhill. Here are an elevation graph and aerial view:

Elevation graph and aerial view of Elliptical workout path

And here are snapshots from the program:

Snapshots of Interactive street views and off-road pictures of Golden Gate Bridge from Elliptical Workout

Images in Google Maps workouts are a mix of interactive street views and off-road pictures. Google filmed the bridge on a foggy day, limiting your vista, but still their Golden Gate footage in iFit Coach is a fun way to start elliptical training.

Workouts #2 – 10: Level 1 Fit Coach elliptical workouts help you cover longer distances without tiring. Workout #2 in this set is 0.7 miles. After that, you try a mile. The longest workout is 2.0 miles in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Level 1 also introduces simulated uphill training. The Golden Gate workout is the only fully downhill route in the collection. As examples here are elevation profiles for routes in coastal New Zealand and along Fifth Avenue in NYC:

Elevation profiles for routes in coastal New Zealand and along Fifth Avenue in NYC on Elliptical Workout

Next, see how Level 2 iFit Coach elliptical workouts combine longer distances with more intense intervals.

Level 2 iFit Coach Elliptical Workouts

iFit Coach Level 2 Elliptical Workout Tour Destination Themes

Who lives in Tanzania’s Gombe National Park? Chimpanzees! Humans only visit by boat — except in the digital world, where we can arrive on elliptical.

Exercising at iFit Level 2, you can choose from Travel to Tanzania and more than a dozen other Google Maps workout series for ellipticals. If you have trouble deciding, Elliptical Tour might be your best starting point; it rides through six continents.

We chose Bali Bound for Level 2 examples. It shows that compared with Level 1 Google Maps elliptical workouts, Level 2 routes are longer and steeper:

  • Length is from 2.0 to 2.6 miles.
  • Elevation gain is about 100 feet per mile.

iFit Coach Level 2 Bali Tour Theme Workout Program

Bali Bound is a set of 10 lush tropical escapes via elliptical machine. Each of these iFit Google Maps programs lets you experience a different part of the Indonesian island, from sunny beaches to stone temples. First is a lush coastal ride in Pulukan…

Lush coastal ride in Pulukan on iFit Coach Elliptical Workout

And here are pictures from further inland in Ubud. Historically Ubud was known for its medicinal herbs. Today it’s known for high-end shops, resorts and galleries.

Scenic images of high-end shops, resorts, and galleries in Ubud from iFit Coach Ellpitical Workout Program

Doubly impressive, Bali Bound shows off the beauty of Mother Nature and the brains of iFit Coach personal trainers. The scenic workouts follow natural terrain, but mathematically some are almost like computer-generated patterns. Here are examples of elevation profiles:

Elevation profile of elliptical workout in Ubud, Bali

Elevation profile of elliptical workout in Lembu Putih Taro, Bali

Moving to Level 3 iFit Coach elliptical workouts with Google Maps, you get longer routes but similar incline compared with Level 2. At last check only one Level 3 series was available: International Parks. Of its 13 routes, the longest is 3.8 miles. You can see details in the iFit Coach Library.

Part 2: Classic iFit Coach Elliptical Workouts

While Google Maps workouts have scenery as motivation, classic workouts let you be extremely precise in choosing your physical challenge. These remind us of workout programs on light commercial ellipticals at hotels and resorts: Each program follows a pattern like “Rolling Hills” or “Intervals”… but with iFit Coach the possibilities are endless.

You can design your own classic-style program or easily find an iFit Coach suggestion for your fitness level and goals. One example is Cardio HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

This iFit Coach elliptical workout series features 11 HIIT elliptical workouts in different styles. High intensity interval training can be low-impact on joints, and Cardio HIIT shows how it’s done!

Below are profiles for Cardio HIIT programs named Pyramid Intervals, Short Intervals and Speed intervals.

Average completion time is 23 minutes per workout. Calorie burn estimates range from 125 to 348.

Cardio HIIT program profiles for Pyramid Intervals, Short Intervals and Speed intervals.

As you can see, the speed changes are dramatic. For safety you should have your heart checked by a doctor before choosing HIIT or any new cardio exercise.


Create iFit Workouts: Build iFit Coach workouts in classic chart style or Google Maps format. To learn more see A Guide to iFit For Ellipticals.

Find an iFit Elliptical: See reviews of the best iFit Coach ellipticals from NordicTrack and ProForm.

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