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Pros The Octane XR6000 has been shown to burn more calories and tone isolated muscle groups more effectively than bikes, rowers and other seated fitness units. This model in particular is quite comfortable with multiple adjustments and customizations, along with numerous programs to keep you motivated and challenged.
Cons Octane elliptical machines, especially these seated ones, are truly top-notch. Unfortunately, that just does not seem to jive with a reasonable price tag. This machine is another positive example of “you get what you pay for,” – but you need to be able to afford it first! The warranty is also weak considering the features and price.
Summary The Octane XR6000 includes so many program options and customizable workouts that your inner fitness guru is sure to cry out with joy. The XR6000 is well known to outperform any other seated unit, burning more calories and meeting individual goals set by your various family members. This machine includes an active seat position that promotes proper posture and positioning to make your workouts more effective and comfortable. It also comes with multi-grip handlebars that change position to focus on different target muscle groups.

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Octane XR6000 Elliptical Detailed Overview

There isn’t much negative to say about a recumbent elliptical. They are safe for those with back injuries, lead the pack in advanced ergonomics and provide a challenging, effective workout for all. The Octane XR6000 in particular is great because it features a leg press for lower body focus, as well as a chest press for upper body strength-building and toning.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the Octane XR6000:

  • Enjoy a large LED display with the XR6000, and a 15″ wide, full-color touch screen with the XR6000 Touch.
  • Five heart rate-controlled programs keep you self and healthy as you work out.
  • 20 seat height positions and 5 tilt settings to make a custom workout for each individual.
  • Digital contact heart rate sensors
  • Instructional videos (XR6000 Touch only)
  • Three-speed console fan
  • Easy-to-use design ideal for novices
  • Split screen feedback that shows both stats and entertainment simultaneously (XR6000 Touch only).

Octane XR6000 Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Stride Length:N/A
Programs:16 workout programs
Fan:3 Speed Console Fan
Weight Capacity:400 LBS
Dimensions:71.5" L x 36" W x 56" H

Our Least Favorite Features

A few downsides to the Octane XR6000:

  • Two different console options affect price and features dramatically
  • This machine is heavy and huge – it is designed for commercial use first and foremost. It’s superb for home use and fitness enthusiasts love it – but you need to have generous space.

The Bottom Line

The Octane XR6000 is a recumbent elliptical you can count on. It includes many program options and interval programs that are to die for, including a 30:30 performance program and various workout boosters. Choose from Muscle Endurance, Chest Press and Leg Press. You can also count on the XR6000 to be incredibly reliable – its heavy duty frame and advanced technology means you can rely upon this machine keeping up for years to come.

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