ProForm 19.0 RE Elliptical Review (Discontinued)

This Machine is Discontinued

ProForm 19.0 RE Elliptical Rating

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This Machine is Discontinued


Pros The 19.0 RE is an excellently designed trainer with a durable steel frame and a long stride. This model leaves very little that is not adjustable. From the stride length to the actual foot pedals, this trainer is ideal for users of all shapes and sizes and of all ability levels.
Summary The ergonomic design and sturdy steel frame make this trainer incredibly durable, comfortable and safe to use. The adjustable features make this trainer even better with so many customizable options making it easy to get a work out in every time.

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Detailed Overview

The ProForm 19.0 RE is a fully customizable machine built for comfort and durability. The steel frame design and 20 pound inertia enhanced flywheel make this sturdy, reliable trainer and the Silent Magnetic Resistance technology make this a quiet machine ideal for in-home use. Even though this trainer is larger than others in the series, it still comes with Spacesaver ™ design to easily fold and store as needed. With 23 digital resistance levels and 28 workout programs to choose from, this trainer offers multiple options to personalize your workout every time. The oversized cushioned traction control foot pedals, measuring at 67.5” long x 26” wide x 68” tall, reduce impact on joints and offer increased stability on steeper inclines. The console includes a 7 inch LCD display, removable integrated tablet holder, EKG dual grip sensors and wireless heart monitoring chest strap, and is iPod and iFit compatible.

Our Favorite Features

  • Includes 28 workout apps, created by a certified personal trainer, that include interval training for endurance and incline training for toning
  • Larger LCD display screen than other models in the series at 7 inches, also backlit and iFIt and iPod compatible
  • 20 pound inertia enhanced flywheel makes this trainer incredibly powerful and durable
  • In-handle controls to easily change incline without interrupting your workout
  • Adjustable foot pedals with cushioning and traction control for increased safety, stability and comfort
  • Power adjustable ramp allows the user to choose a range of incline from 10 to 30 degrees, which is more than most other trainers at this price point
  • Includes both a Polar ® wireless chest strap in addition to the built-in EKG dual grip sensors so you can easily and more accurately track heart rate
  • Built with Spacesaver ® design for easy storage

Our Least Favorite Features

  • For the size and weight capacity, the foot pedals are shorter and slightly more narrow than other trainers similar to this model, making it difficult for users of all shape and sizes to fit comfortably into the foot pedals
  • Unit weight is not listed
  • In-handle controls work improperly at times
  • 1 year warranty on labor, but does include a 3 year warranty on parts, though it is not specified if brakes are also covered in this warranty

The Bottom Line

The ProForm 19.0 RE stands as a durable, well-built and comfortable trainer with many customizable options, ideal for most anyone, and the long stride and cushioned foot pedals make for a natural, smooth feel. This trainer does not leave many features or advanced options off and for the price this trainer is a good quality purchase ideal for users of all shapes, sizes and ability levels.

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