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The ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical is one of our top picks for the best budget priced ellipticals on the market.  This trainer offers impressive versatility as it can be transformed from a recumbent bike into an elliptical trainer with a few simple adjustments, allowing users to perform cross training on  a single machine. For anyone struggling to decide which type of workout machine they want to own, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical offers the best of both worlds.

This updated model is better than ever. With a heavier flywheel coming in at 13 pounds (a 0.6 pound increase over the previous model) and greater adjustable features, the machine is more comfortable than ever to use. It also boasts a more user-friendly console and throws in a ventilated seat back to for maximum air flow circulation during use.

This model features 16 different resistance levels to maximize your workout progression by allowing users to dial up their resistance whenever the need strikes. The elliptical stride has been stretched to 15 inches and with 16 built-in workout programs to choose from as well as a LCD display screen that shows you how many watts of power you’re producing during your workout session, keeping track of progress has never been easier. The machine practically has a personal trainer built in (but not really as that’s far too impractical for a variety of logistical reasons).

The console of this machine also is iFit and bluetooth enabled so you can seamlessly integrate your workout app programs into your sessions if you don’t want to use the Proform Hybrid Trainer’s built in programs. You also get a tablet holder built right into the console so that you can use the device of your choice to monitor your workout or provide mid-sweat entertainment.

When it comes to customization, this machine offers it all. You’ll get oversized adjustable pedals to keep your feet securely in place, an adjustable seat for maximum comfort, and even an adjustable console so that you can easily monitor your workout data no matter what your position.

Now, where doest he ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical fall short? We feel that the biggest downfall fall of the machine is a fairly minor one: the screen is quite small overall. Many folks used to other machines will notice this immediately. Fortunately that’s quite a mild failing when you consider the price and performance of the trainer. It also comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 90 day of parts and labor warranty, which is a nice bonus that should help put your mind at ease when throwing down your credit card.

Our Favorite Features

  • 2-in-1 Design. This trainer can transform from a bike into an elliptical in seconds.
  • Tablet Holder. This tablet holder is extra wide and very secure so you can comfortably rest your tablet (or smart phone) in place during a workout session. It’s built in right at eye level too, making it comfortable to use mid-workout.
  • iFit Bluetooth Enabled. Track your workout data with ease! There are also many workout programming options built in to help guide your sessions.
  • Superior Foot Pedals. You’ll get more cushioning and traction, which will smooth out your workout and ensure you can focus entirely on the burn, not keeping your feet in place.
  • Watts Power Meter. See exactly how many watts of power you burning through during your workout.
  • 16 Built In Workout Sessions. No matter what your goals with this machine, you can find a built in workout that will support them.
  • Silent Magnetic Technology. Exercise at any hour of the day or night without fear of the machine making a peep.
  • Sturdy Frame. Built with steel frame construction, this machine is made to last.
  • Affordability. At just $399, you can’t go wrong. That’s a price point almost anyone can match.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Stride Length:15 inches
Flywheel:12.4 LBS
Programs:16 workout apps
Weight Capacity:350 LBS
Dimensions:63" L x 26" W x 76" H

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Limited warranty. While other ProForm models offer lifetime warranties on the frame, this model offers only a 5 year warranty on the frame and only 90 day warranty on parts and labor
  • iFit Subscription Required. Not included with the machine, adding addition hidden cost for those intending to use iFit.
  • Mildly Lacking Console. Not nearly as many built in options as other machines.
  • Can’t Be Folded For Storage. Not ideal machine for small living spaces/.
  • Lacks In-Handle Incline Controls. Any incline adjustments must be made pre-workout.

The Bottom Line

The ProForm Hybrid trainer is a versatile piece of equipment that is affordable, durable and quiet. While the previous model lacked customizable options, this new edition more than makes up that failing! The stride is still very compact at just 15” (non-adjustable), so it might not be a great fit for users of all shapes and sizes, but overall this is an affordable, versatile, and reliable option for anyone starting to assemble their home gym.

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  • Debra Kwiat April 17, 2019 at 4:52 am from Ferndale
    Being a former gym owner and personal trainer, this machine is even too difficult for me to ensure for more than 5 minutes! Display doesn't adjust, resistance is impossibly hard. What do we need to do to make it more doable?
    • Elliptical Reviews Pros April 18, 2019 at 2:33 pm
      Hi Debra, I would recommend starting with a lower resistance. Machines all differ in the intensity of the resistance, some allowing you to increase easily and others feeling heavy at a low resistance. Start lower and build it up. Since this machine accommodates two different workout options, the resistance will be different than your average bike or elliptical.
  • Charles Hughes April 7, 2019 at 12:08 pm from Auburn
    im trying to adjust the tension, the pedals are so hard to move
    • Elliptical Reviews Pros April 8, 2019 at 8:57 pm
      Hi Charles, do you still have your manual for this machine? If not there is a number you can call to speak to a representative from ProForm directly at 1-888-742-0128. We hope we can help you resolve this issue.
  • Joseph Sansone March 5, 2019 at 5:07 pm from New Jersey
    I like the trainer but the iFit doesn’t work for me. It is impossible to get in touch with anyone to cancel the $15.99 per month fee associated with this trainer. I’ve lost my patience with the customer service.
    • ER Editor March 5, 2019 at 8:46 pm
      Hi Joseph, Have you finished the first year free trial? Did you buy the machine new? Did you contact iFit or Proform customer service? I'll be better able to point you in the right direction with this info.

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