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Pros Each one of these models is equipped with the patented SpaceSaver folding design, and easy out-of-the-box assembly. As with other ProForm models, these trainers are also designed with Silent Magnetic Resistance, or SMR, which means that you don't have to worry about a noisy or squeaky treadmill interrupting your workout. The consoles on the SmartStrider Series elliptical trainers are highly functional and easy to use, with features like full audio offerings and iFit compatibility on the 535 and 935 models. There's great program variety and EKG pulse grip sensors on each console to keep track of heart rate and customize your workout results using your personal workout data. Each elliptical trainer in the SmartStrider Series offers at least 18 workout apps built into the console with the top model offering an impressive 30 programs. In addition, the top two models are also equipped with iFit technology. If you have a subscription to the iFit program, you can access tons of workouts and choose from a number of routes powered by Google Maps.
Cons The weight of the flywheel determines a lot about an elliptical trainer. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother and more natural the feel will be, and the more durable and powerful the trainer will perform overall. 18 pounds is about average for inexpensive models, but their 535 model has a 13 pound flywheel, which is well below average. This can mean a noisier or “rougher” stride. The incline offerings aren't too impressive with these trainers either. Even the elite model in the series only offers an incline of up 10 degrees. These models do offer power adjustable inclines, which is a great feature, but it would be nice to see steeper incline options to make incline training easier and calorie burning more effective. Finally, these models provide fixed strides of 18 inches. This is about average, but you would expect for the mid level or elite model to offer strides of up to 20 inches or more. It would also be nice to see an adjustable stride, as many models at these price points will offer.
Summary The SmartStrider Series of elliptical trainers by ProForm are designed for in-home use, with a light, compact, folding frame and a console that is easy to use. The flywheel weights are a little on the light side and there are not really any adjustable features, but for the price, these models make for a great value. Because of the compact design, however, the stride is fixed at a shorter length which can be a problem for shorter people. In summary, these treadmills come from a reputable brand and offer an easy and convenient way to workout at home.

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ProForm Smart Strider Elliptical Detailed Overview

ProForm’s SmartStrider Series of elliptical trainers are built for convenience, and designed to be adaptable for in-home use. There are three models in the series: the entry-level 535 model, the mid-range 735 model, and the elite 935 model. These treadmills range in price from $799 to $1,299.

Our Favorite Features

  • Easy to use SpaceSaver folding frames for easy storage
  • Designed with commercial-grade steel frames and oversized pedals
  • Quiet operation with Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR)
  • Lightweight, compact frame
  • All of these models are under $1,500, making this series an affordable and cost-effective choice
  • Lots of program variety offers something for everyone

 Our Least Favorite Features

  • Light flywheel weights affect the durability of the trainers
  • Fixed, shorter stride of 18” is not easily adaptable for everyone
  • Compact design can be an issue for taller or heavier people

The Bottom Line

This series of treadmills by ProForm are fairly affordable and great for in-home use with the folding frames and lightweight, compact design. The consoles are also very easy to use and come with the basics as well as great program variety that make these models adaptable for multiple users. However; the stride is fixed at a length that might not be ideal for all users and the flywheel weights are fairly light. So, the bottom line is that the SmartStrider Series of elliptical trainers are fairly reliable and a nice cost-effective choice, but you do sacrifice a few performance features that other models have.

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