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Pros Still affordable yet more advanced than its predecessors in the Free Style line, the XTERRA Free Style 5.6e offers more programs and a higher weight capacity than the 4.0e and 5.4e. The screen is also generous in size so it’s easy to read as you’re working out. The best fitness sessions come from properly working toward your goals, and the informational, visible screen stats are a big boost in the right direction.
Cons You won’t find a ton of features on this machine – the entire XTERRA Free Style series is pretty stripped down to basics. This is how price is kept low, but it definitely leaves something to be desired if you’re used to commercial gym machines that are top-of-the-line.
Summary The XTERRA Free Style 5.6e is a machine that increases in quality and function over its predecessors. A heart rate chest strap is available (but not included), and with a 5 year warranty on parts, it is a two-year increase from the XTERRA Free Style 5.4e. This machine also comes with a 6.5” blue backlit screen (half an inch bigger than the 4.0e) and also comes with easy to reach controls on the handlebars as well as the console (another upgrade from the 4.0e). Outside of that, there isn’t too much difference between this and earlier releases from the Free Style line – however, since the price jump is only about $50, it just seems to make sense to go with the latest and greatest within your budget. Even the next model up – the 5.8e – is only about $300 more.

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XTERRA Free Style 5.6e Elliptical Detailed Overview

If you’re looking for a workout companion that will be solid, reliable and yield the results you desire, look no further than the XTERRA Free Style 5.6e. With a fixed 20” stride length, this is a machine that welcomes heavier, taller users as well as those with a more standard stature. A two-degree incline of the pedals makes your workout easy on the knees, thus preventing many a common injury. Finally, 20 electronic incline levels allow you to ramp up or slow down your challenge level without needing to worry about pausing to readjust. Keep your momentum going and your heart pumping the whole time.

The 5.6e also comes with a lifetime warranty on brakes and frame, a 60-day money back guarantee and free shipping. Best of all, it costs under $1000.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the XTERRA Free Style 5.6e:

  • Weight capacity of 375 pounds
  • Easy assembly
  • 7 programs plus 2 custom and a manual option
  • Cooling fan
  • Heart rate pulse grips and chest strap compatibility
  • 20 levels of both resistance and incline
  • 25 lb flywheel weight system makes for a solid, smooth ride
  • MP3 compatible
  • Large blue backlit screen

Our Least Favorite Features

A few downsides to the XTERRA Free Style 5.6e:

  • Limited programs –only 7 preset and two custom – not much of an improvement from the cheaper models.
  • Not a lot of special features or interactive options.

The Bottom Line

Sleek, straightforward and likely the best combination of affordability and performance in the Free Style line, the 5.6e is a winning machine for all fitness levels. Protect yourself from injury thanks to its top-notch ergonomics, and enjoy your own music with its included speakers and audio jack. While you won’t get a lot of impressive tricks and complicated software with a Free Style machine – sometimes that’s not a bad thing.

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