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Pros The Bladez E700i is the top-of-the-line model from a collection of currently four elliptical machines. As the highest-end version, you will find a strong and sturdy rear drive design paired with a heavy flywheel. With 26 built-in workout programs and the ability to download additional apps, it’s a great leader of the pack for this relatively unknown company.
Cons It isn’t the most economical elliptical on the block – expect to pay a little more than you will for some competitor’s machines. It also does not have a color console – which has become almost standard on many machines nowadays. Check the price before you buy – some websites are offering it for almost half price, including Bladez’s official website.
Summary With 24 resistance levels, 26 pre-programmed workout apps and a comfortable stride length of 20 inches, the Bladez E700i is a very likeable machine that will definitely get the job done. This elliptical seamlessly blends technology with entertainment, providing a smooth, quiet ride with safe ergonomics and a heavy 20lb flywheel for a consistent ride rhythm.

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Bladez E700i Elliptical Detailed Overview

The Bladez E700i uses something known as “i.Concept” to bring technology and entertainment together into one unit that packs one heck of a fitness punch. With a strong and stable ride thanks to a 20 lb flywheel, you will experience motions similar to actual running. Unlike many ellipticals in today’s market, the E700i allows for downloadable apps – as many as you can get the console to hold. This is a big selling point as there’s then no excuse for growing weary of working out – new challenges and changes of pace are always just a few buttons away.

Although it doesn’t have a full-color screen, it does have a nice, readable LED/LCD screen that includes readouts on calories, distance, elapsed time and heart rate. Multiple windows makes everything conveniently viewable, while the simple blue/black display is appreciated by family members who may be in the same room while you’re getting fit. Color screens tend to blast so much light, sleeping or reading in the same room as a treadmill user can be distressing and distracting.

There’s no adjustable stride, but with the standard set at 20 inches, most physiques can easily use this machine. The pedals are spaced 3.3 inches apart, which is further than average. The weight capacity, 350 lbs, is far above the market standard, meaning heavier users will fare well on this machine.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the Bladez E700i:

  • 26 pre-programmed workout apps
  • Unlimited additional app downloads
  • 20 inch stride length is comfortable for most body types
  • 20 lb. flywheel is heavier than average for a smooth ride
  • 350 lb. weight limit is above average
  • Easy-to-read LED screen
  • MSRP is high, but many deals can be found online for a great price
  • Oversized cushioned pedals
  • Lifetime frame warranty

Our Least Favorite Features 

A few downsides to the Bladez E700i:

  • Pedals are spaced further than the industry standard – this compromises the best ergonomic build.
  • Step-on height is high at 11.8 inches – not a good machine for those with limited mobility
  • Screen is not full-color, although this is not an issue for some.
  • Purchase at MSRP price, and it’s expensive
  • Runs off of electrical power instead of self-power – not very environmental and less freedom as to where you can place the machine.
  • Only one-year warranty on parts and labor

The Bottom Line

The Bladez E700i is a high-quality machine that is very durable with an above-average weight limit. With its solid build and extra-heavy flywheel for a smooth, consistent workout, most who purchase this elliptical will be very happy. The ability to download additional apps is invaluable to those who find themselves growing restless after spending a realistic amount of time working out daily, and this ability can definitely keep you motivated indefinitely.

The E700i certainly has some work to do when it comes to being ergonomically sound, due to its odd pedal spacing and high step-up measurement – but nothing about this machine compromises its quality or ability to get you in shape. You’ll be pleased with the E700i overall, and if you’re looking to purchase an elliptical from a smaller company, you will be wise to go for the best in the Bladez line.

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