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Pros This newest model to the unique line of ElliptiGO bikes is their lightest and most affordable, two huge pros. The ElliptiGO Arc also features multiple customizable/adjustable options like adjustable foot positioning, a removable telescoping steering column (for easy storage and transportation), and 8 resistance levels to choose from.
Cons This bike is intended to be very lightweight at just 37 pounds total product weight. It's also intended to be very compact at just 50-58” at operating height and down to 24.5” with the steering extender and front wheel removed. Because of the compact nature of the model, you will experience a shorter stride of 13.8”, and there are some things missing like a water bottle holder and other storage space for keys, phone, or other items; however, they have all sorts of compatible accessories, including a water bottle cage, GPS attachment, repair kit bag, storage bag for key's, wallet, phone etc
Summary Despite its compact, lightweight design, this is truly a bike that can work with most terrains. With 8 levels of resistance, an impressive climbing grade, 12 mph cruising speed and 20 mph sprinting speed, it's easy and fun to get a low-impact workout outdoors. The overall design is ergonomically sound and most closely mimics the true feel of riding a bike outdoors.

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ElliptiGo Arc Elliptical Bike Review Detailed Overview

The ElliptiGO Arc is a brand new model to the unique line of ElliptiGO bikes. ElliptiGO bikes are designed to give its users a low-impact, full-body workout experience that can be enjoyed outdoors. You aren’t stuck in a gym on an elliptical trainer, but you aren’t pounding the pavement outside either. This new Arc model is their lightest and most affordable option at just $1299.

This bike has left no stone unturned on ways to make the user experience both convenient and fun. The entire bike weighs just 37 pounds, and features a removable steering column for easy storage. Its lightweight aluminum frame is sturdy but also easy to take from home to street in seconds. This model offers a cruising speed of up to 12 mph, a sprinting speed of up 20 mph, and features 8 resistance levels, 8 gears, as well as a 20-30% climbing grade (just like the 8C and 11R). It’s an all-terrain bike that is equipped with a propulsion system and a more compact stride of 13.8.”

Unlike other models by ElliptioGO that use a traditional track system, the Arc model uses a crank-rocker system that creates a smoother, circular, more vertical and therefore more compact stride. This system also creates a more realistic biking experience that is fun to enjoy on almost any terrain. This model makes it easy to customize your riding experience, from adjustable foot positioning that increase comfort and mobility to an adjustable steering column.

This ElliptiGO model comes with a limited warranty that covers five years on the frame, two years on the fork, drive arms, crank arms and steering column, and one year on all other components, paint and decals. The warranty applies only to products purchased from ElliptiGO Inc. directly or from an authorized dealer and there are limitations based on use.

Our Favorite Features

  • More realistic riding experience with a more circular motion
  • Easy to personalize with many bike accessories to choose from
  • Torches calories, with the ability to burn up to 33% more calories than a traditional bike
  • Drivetrain features sealed crank-rocker system to provide a quiet, lightweight, and low maintenance bike
  • Easy, natural standing position is comfortable and very low-impact
  • Affordable pricing at just under $1500, with monthly payment plans also available
  • Unique, compact stride that is more compact and vertical with the crank-rocker system
  • Easy to transport with a solid aluminum frame and total bike weight of just 37 pounds
  • Increased visibility as it sits higher up than a traditional bicycle or elliptical trainer
  • Multiple foot positions that pivot with the angle of your foot
  • Removable steering column and front wheel for easy storage

Our Least Favorite Features 

  • No water bottle holder (but a water bottle cage can be purchased separately)
  • Maintenance; some sort of maintenance is required every month, up to every 24 months (per the maintenance chart included with the Owner’s Manual)
  • Not compatible for indoor training like other ElliptiGO models
  • Shorter stride length at just 13.8” (compared to 16” and above on the other models that are not as compact) can be an issue for taller people
  • Drive arms are intended to withstand weights no greater than 250 pounds, which isn’t bad, but something to consider if you are a heavier person

The Bottom Line

The ElliptiGO Arc is ideal for active people on the go. If you want to enjoy a workout outdoors but can’t take the impact of running, the Arc provides a full-body workout that is low-impact, fun, and easy to use. You can burn up to 33% more calories than on a traditional bike, and the natural standing position makes it feel as if you are running on air. There are multiple adjustable features and special attention to options that make this model very lightweight and convenient to use and store away, ideal for small spaces. The bottom line: we highly recommend the Arc as a unique, fun, low-impact bike ideal for almost anyone.

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