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Pros Matrix Ascent Trainers are unique for allowing steep incline training with knee-friendly elliptical motion. While traditional ellipticals have just one footpath, the M30 Ascent Trainer has incline choices of 24% to 54% for more targeted muscle sculpting and faster calorie burn. Combined with twenty levels of magnetic resistance from a 30-pound flywheel, these incline settings provide a wide range of challenge. Excellent options for on-board training guidance and entertainment also worth noting.
Cons Sale prices start at $2899. The best Ascent Trainer console adds $1000 to the total machine cost, making the A30 too pricey for some shoppers… And when price isn’t such a concern, the A50 looks like a better value. The A50 brings big upgrades for just another $300.
Summary The Matrix A30 fills a unique role in home gyms and can deliver results very quickly. It has all-around appeal for trainees with moderate to advanced ability, but the A50 might be the best Ascent Trainer value.

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Matrix A30 Elliptical Detailed Overview

Matrix Ascent Trainers are designed for low-impact elliptical exercise with steep inclines. The A30 is the lowest-priced version of this innovative trainer, and it provides a very efficient way for intermediate and advanced exercisers to sculpt the whole body, burn calories and keep energy levels high throughout the day. Key points are incline settings from 24% to 54%; variable stride from 20 to 24 inches; 20 levels of magnetic resistance from a 30-pound flywheel; moving and stationary handlebars; and a truly exciting selection of workout consoles. This sturdy fitness machine weighs more than 300 pounds and has a 350-pound weight capacity.

Ascent Trainers can show workouts on wide LCDs and on full-color touchscreens. The consoles with touchscreens have many other upgrades: additional workout programs, scenic Virtual Active videos that adjust to user motion, an app for high intensity interval training, social media apps and more. All Matrix A30 consoles are Passport-ready; connect a Passport Media Player to enjoy Virtual Active video on your big-screen TV. Additionally each Ascent Trainer console has a wireless heart rate receiver, ViaFit connectivity for wireless data sharing, a reading rack, a water bottle holder and an accessory tray.

Our Favorite Features

  • Steep Incline (24 to 54%)
  • Variable Stride (20” to 24”)
  • Quiet Magnetic Braking
  • Wireless and grip heart rate monitoring
  • Wireless data sharing
  • Preset classic workouts (Five to 11)
  • Eight-week high intensity interval training app (optional)
  • Virtual Active video tours (optional)
  • Speakers (optional)
  • Mobile apps and web browser (optional)
  • Reading rack for magazine or tablet
  • High weight capacity
  • Competitive warranty

Our Least Favorite Features

  • High price
  • Not for beginners
  • Heavy, not portable

The Bottom Line

Matrix Ascent Trainers are an exciting new alternative for people who enjoy elliptical training. The A30 Ascent Trainer is a wonderful tool for targeted muscle toning, weight management, building endurance and more. It’s only outclassed by the new Matrix A50 Ascent Trainer, which costs $300 more.

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