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Detailed Overview

The A50 Ascent Trainer supports low-impact elliptical striding along extra-steep inclines. It’s an excellent tool for quickly burning calories and sculpting the whole body. The A50 is the top model in a small series, and it’s the only Matrix home Ascent Trainer to use cutting-edge induction braking instead of slower and less precise magnetic braking. Key points are incline settings from 24% to 54%; variable stride from 20 to 24 inches; 30 levels of resistance; and deluxe handlebars to exercise the upper body.

Smart design minimizes this versatile machine’s demand for floor space. Relatively compact, the A50 has a footprint just under 75” long and 30” wide. Very sturdy, it weighs about 325 pounds and has a 350-pound user weight capacity.

Three high-end consoles contribute to the Matrix appeal. Ascent Trainers can show workouts on standard displays and on full-color touchscreens. Depending on the console, the rider can choose from traditional workouts, eight-week interval training programs, and exercising with interactive video of scenic locations. These Virtual Active videos respond to the user’s incline and workout pace. Additionally all Matrix A50 consoles can connect to a home TV for big-screen views of the virtual tours.

Included on all consoles are a wireless heart rate receiver, an app for wireless data sharing, a reading rack, an accessory tray and a water bottle holder.

Popular mobile apps (e.g., Facebook, MyFitnessPal and YouTube) are included with the XER and XIR consoles. The XIR also has an app for custom media and browsing the web.

Our Favorite Features

  • Steep Incline
  • Variable Stride (20” to 24”)
  • Exact Force Induction Braking
  • Multiposition handlebars
  • Cushioned pedals
  • Wireless and grip heart rate monitoring
  • Wireless data sharing
  • Preset classic workouts
  • Eight-week high intensity interval training (optional)
  • Virtual Active video tours (optional)
  • Speakers (optional)
  • Mobile apps and web browser (optional)
  • Reading rack
  • High weight capacity
  • Competitive warranty

Our Least Favorite Features

  • High price
  • Not for beginners
  • Not portable (322 pounds)

The Bottom Line

The performance of the Matrix A50 is unmatched by competing ellipticals and incline trainers. Matrix electronics are appealing too; lots of popular and exclusive features for workouts and entertainment are available. The unique challenge, fun and durability of the A50 make it a great find for trainees with elliptical experience.

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