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Pros The Nautilus E618 Elliptical is a space-conscious cross trainer with the power to train all ability levels. With cushioned footplates and an advanced drive, it allows especially smooth low-impact exercise for weight management, cardio training and total-body toning. Another strength is its data tracking with on-board storage and the option to export data to popular fitness apps. Some other highlights from our list of “pros” are the max 15% power incline, premium handlebars to diversify upper-body exercise, and wireless heart rate monitoring.
Cons This trainer has a fixed stride length of 22”. The stride might shorten when the incline is in use, but still it could be too long for some users. This machine also uses older technology for the data windows (one-color LED screens with pushbutton controls, compared with the full-color touchscreens on some other trainers). On the other hand, the lower investment in flashy electronics helps keep this elliptical relatively low priced.
Summary The new E618 Elliptical is designed to be an all-around solid cross trainer, and it has more capabilities than most competitors in its price class. When we take that into mind, and also consider the five-year warranty on parts and electronics, this new Nautilus seems to be a bargain for $1299.

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Nautilus E618 Elliptical Detailed Overview

The powerful Nautilus E618 Elliptical ($1299) debuted in late 2016 as the top elliptical trainer in its series. It shows off the lineup’s best resistance system and longest stride, yet it doesn’t demand much space because the flywheel is stored up front. (Rear drive ellipticals have noticeably longer frames.) Basically this trainer is built for all ability levels; is best sized for not-so-short users; and is above average in terms of helping you target-tone different muscle groups. A workout menu with more than two dozen preset programs, including custom options, can help you make the most of exercise time.

For the upper body the E618 provides moving handlebars. These have premium grips, meaning they allow more than one comfortable grip position so you can work your body in different ways. For the lower body the E618 Elliptical has a 22” stride that can be diversified in many ways. Each trainee essentially gets not just one elliptical path but many, because there are three footplate angles and multiple power-incline levels to choose from.

New Nautilus ellipticals for 2017 support up to four user profiles. The E618 has a Nautilus stats tracking app built into its console, so each trainee can get accurate calorie burn feedback and assess long-term progress. The console has a Bluetooth connection too, which is designed for syncing exercise data with popular fitness apps such as Apple Health and MyFitnessPal.

Our Favorite Features

Here are features that help make the E618 superior to many alternatives in terms of smooth operation, useful training guidance and data, and targeted body sculpting for all ability levels.

  • Heavy flywheel (30 pounds) and cushioned pedals allow especially smooth low-impact striding, even for trainees who carry more weight
  • Wide range of resistance with 25 settings for a just-right challenge
  • Power incline up to 15% for a higher cardio challenge, faster calorie burn, and targeted muscle toning for the lower body
  • Three options for the angle of the footplates, adding to the possibilities for lower body muscle engagement
  • Deluxe handlebars allow multiple grip positions to diversify upper-body exercise
  • Quick-start exercise sessions with 29 programs to choose from
  • Four user profiles allow more personalized workout programming and feedback
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring; one chest strap included
  • Built-in Nautilus tracking app, plus Bluetooth for syncing workout data with other mobile apps for fitness
  • Media shelf and integrated speakers
  • Cooling fan and water bottle holder

Also worth noting is the five-year warranty on parts and electronics, which leads the industry for ellipticals under $1500.

Our Least Favorite Features

Here are a few potential drawbacks of choosing the E618.

  • Data windows use simpler technology compared with those of some other ellipticals; the saving grace is the media shelf for bring-your-own entertainment.
  • The 22” stride, depending on your body size, could be ideal or too long; for some households an adjustable stride elliptical is best, but those tend to cost more
  • Front drive ellipticals on average require more maintenance compared with rear drive ellipticals… but at the same time this trainer seems engineered to serve trouble-free for at least several years

The Bottom Line

The Nautilus E618 seems to be one of the better values among ellipticals under $1500. It has one of the heaviest drives in its price class, which helps create very smooth motion, and it supports all ability levels. This cross-trainer also excels in terms of helping you make the most of your exercise stats and target specific muscle groups from head to toe. The main potential drawback is that the 22” stride is too long for shorter trainees.


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